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Dear Crossovering Writer

Greetings, dearest writer!

First of all, apologies for the late letter; I didn't expect assignments to go out so soon. I'm so happy we've matched, and I hope you have fun writing for me :). This is my first time doing this exchange, and I'm very excited!

If you want to know more about me , I’m

[ profile] The_Wavesinger and The Wavesinger (Silmarillion Writers’ Guild) on my fannish haunts. You can also find me here on DW, and as [ profile] the_wavesinger on LJ, but I don’t frequent those places often. If you want more on my fic preferences (however unlikely that is, after this very long letter!), my fic rec tag on Tumblr and my AO3 bookmarks may be of some use, and for art, my art and fan art tags on Tumblr may be of some use. You may also want to poke through my previous exchange letters, for both fic and art. And, of course, you can comment anonymously on this post or leave an anonymous ask on my Tumblr if you want to know more.


This letter is divided into three parts: general DNWs and likes, things I like about specific canons, and crossover requests. For my canon details, the characters and gen things are more a starting point for you to get a feel for what I like than what you must include. For pairings, please don't have pairings I haven't specified as liking as the main focus of the fic. (Yes, 'I like all F/F for this canon' does mean all F/F!). I know most of my 'ships are rarepairs, but I'd love gen for any character (and, again, any means any; the 'characters I like' is just a rough guide)! Just not fics centered on ships outside what I've said I like. And for crossover requests, they're more starting points than anything else; if they inspire you, go for it, but if they don't, please don't feel obliged to stick to them (especially if we matched on more than two fandoms in the same request); hopefully, I've given enough likes and canon-specific details that the prompts aren't the be-all-end-all of this letter! And please do keep in mind that, while some of my prompts are longer than others, that's not because I want those things over others. I'd be equally happy with anything I've asked for, because sad truth is, I'm easy to please.


  • Body horror/gore/guro (and violence more than canon level).
  • Anything more than mild horror.
  • Bestiality, necrophili.
  • Parent/child or full sibling/full sibling aincest, unless specified.
  • Underage character/legal character. Either both participants are underaged, or both are legal, in terms of the society they’re living in. And please no large age gaps. Even if it's just vague romantic attraction, twenty-five-year-olds express desire for fourteen-year-olds is a big DNW (although the fourteen-year-old having a hero-worship crush on the twenty-five-year-old might be OK? I guess?).
  • Graphic descriptions of nausea/vomiting.
  • Reader inserts.
  • Mundane AUs, unless requested.
  • PWP.
  • A/B/O.
  • Cis men becoming pregnant.
  • Suicide/suicidal thoughts as the focus of the fic (passing mentions are fine; subplots are fine; the entire fic being about suicide isn't).
  • If your plot needs sex, no insert-tab-A-into-slot-B or graphic anatomical descriptions, please. Sensuality would be better.
  • Fics which are all fluff are very difficult for me to stomach—a limit to the cuteness would be good. (Which isn't to say I don't like fluff; I just like fluff in moderation, and with a dose of conflict!)
  • Love at first sight is not my favourite thing. It's mostly to do with the fluff limit, so if you add complications, then I'm more than fine with it!
  • AUs with modern settings are no-no’s unless there’s a reasonable canon explanation (eg-: a Tolkien couple cursed to be reborn again and again into mortal forms wind up at Hogwarts). Even then, please no high school or coffee shop AUs.
  • Please no age regression, or AUs in which one character is suddenly older than a previously older-than-them character (ageswap?).
  • Please no explicit rape/non-con, although if it's non-explicit that's fine. This also applies to conditioning (in the context of abusive relationships/torture/etc.) and abuse.
  • Also, although I don’t mind infidelity, please don’t let anyone walk in on someone with their other half(s) unless it's absolutely necessary to the plot.
  • H/C fics centering on characters with depression and/or anxiety, and/or characters who self-harm or have eating disorders are not my favourite thing. (All of these things are more than fine in art and non-H/C fic, but not as the main focus of piece, please, and not as things which can be kissed better.)
  • Same for torture as the main focus of a fic, although I don't mind PTSD with flashbacks to torture.


General Likes

  • Angst. Drama. Politics. Tragedy.
  • Philosophical ponderings!
  • Female-centric and F/F works always have my love. You can never go wrong with this.
  • All the hard questions with no answers, characters trapped in unsolvable dilemmas, loss and grief and moving on.
  • On soulmate AUs: I love them when it's messy and complicated (for example, one or both of them in love with someone else, soulmarks somehow blurred or removed on one person, circumstances which prevent them from getting together, one person not remembering their past lives but the other remembers), but for this trope, 'I knew the moment I saw you' is also lovely, as long as there's some angst. Also, I love timers, first/last words, names of both enemy and soulmate, and soulmarks. Red strings etc. are also fine, but please no variations of seeing color. Other soulmate things I love include in every version of every reality, in another life, fated to be separated again and again.
  • Obscure bits of canon, worldbuilding (and the two together)—I'd adore seeing how the canons crossed over overlap and how that works.
  • I love the whole mythological aspect of both Tolkien and Star Wars, and whatever you may choose to do with that.
  • Cultural differences and clashes that occur due to that.
  • I adore OFCs and textual ghosts, for many, many reasons.
  • Hamartia in its original sense; characters just falling short of the mark.
  • F/F and female-centric fic
  • Genderbending! I always love Rule 63'd characters.
  • Stories featuring bi, pan, aro, and/or ace characters are lovely! (Aro but not ace characters I don't see at all, so extra love for that.)
  • Open relationships! Threesomes! Moresomes! (Non-explicit) orgies!
  • Transgender characters would be amazing, as would non-binary characters and just genderfuckery in general.
  • I have zero problems with fics dealing with misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism etc. I like realism, but not overly-depressing fics or fics centered on issues at the expense of characterization. (I define 'overly-depressing' as continuous angst focusing on Issues and Only Issues.)
  • I like relationships that are fated to end in tragedy (portals that close in a specified time? Duties back in their home dimensions? Straight-up Doom?), but I also like a pinch of humor with my angst.
  • For Want Of A Nail and what-if scenarios.
  • For longer works, plotty fics are always welcome!
  • I like all kinds of fic, so go wild—linear narrative, flashbacks, epistolary…whatever you think of is lovely, the more daring the better.
  • I love characters with flaws and unpleasant qualities! Awesome ladies can be awesome and flawed :).
  • Iddy whump fic! (In general, bittersweet fics with lots of hurt (and not necessary comfort) and doom and gloom and/or politics and drama and plot hit my id very hard)
  • I don’t mind any type of POV (including second person!). In fact, POV switches and outside POVs on relationships would be lovely.
  • Tropes! I especially adore tropey F/F (other than my DNW tropes). Tropes I love include soulmates (as above), time travel and general messing with time, forced apart by circumstances/evil overlords/insert reason here, and general inevitability.
  • Competence porn!
  • I also adore people being messes and general failboats, because, uh, contradictions?


    Characters I love:

    • Azula
    • Kanna
    • Katara
    • Kya
    • Suki
    • Ursa
    • Yangchen
    • Yugoda
    • Zuko
    Gen relationships I love:
    • Katara and(or) Kya and(or) Kanna
    • Katara and Zuko
    • Zuko and Azula and/or Ursa

    Pairings I love:
    • Azula/Ty Lee
    • Katara/Suki
    • Roku/Sozin
    • Suki/Ty Lee(/Sokka)
    • Yugoda/Kanna(/Pakku)

    What I love about this canon:
    • Angsty dark child soldiers and messed-up-ness!
    • Worldbuilding! More on the nations and differences between their cultures.
    • Darkfic is always lovely, but I also love hope amidst the darkness.
    • Post-A:TLA exploration; what happens after


    Fairy Tales
    Characters I love:N/A
    Gen relationships I love: N/A
    Pairings I love: N/A
    What I love about this canon: The canons I've requested fairy tales crossovers with are mostly darker canons, so darker stories would be appreciated. And revisionist stories would be much appreciated! Other than that, anything goes, really. I have very few preferences version-wise or story-wise; I'm pretty easy to please on this canon! (And if you're stuck for ideas, the list of fairy tales on Wikipedia might be a good starting point—almost everything there is copyright-free and can be found online.)

    Greek and Roman Mythology
    Characters I love: I have a particular fondness for Olympians, but I'd be delighted with anyone, TBH.
    Gen relationships I love: Anything goes!
    Pairings I love: Well, uh, I have a sweet spot for Achilles/Patroclus but who doesn't and also Pallas/Athena (yes, pun intended. But I do ship it very much, although Athena/herself would also be very welcome). And please no Persephone/Hades played as (fluffy) romance, please.
    What I love about this canon: Tragic heroes, please, with tragic flaws, and squabbling gods; what I love about this is the messiness!

    Harry Potter
    Characters I love:

    • Cho
    • Fleur
    • Ginny
    • Hermione
    • Lily
    • Luna
    • Padma and Parvati
    • Tonks

    Gen relationships I love:
    • Ginny and Fleur
    • Hermione and Ginny
    • Lily and Petunia
    • Luna and Ginny
    • Padma and Parvati
    • The Marauders (and Lily)

    Pairings I love:
    • Cho/Ginny
    • Cho/OFC
    • Dumbledore/Grindelwald
    • Fleur/OFC
    • Ginny/Fleur
    • Ginny/Luna
    • Luna/OFC
    • Sirius/Remus

    What I love about this canon:
    • Magic! I adore magic, and all the wackiness of the magical world.
    • I'd love to see more about how the wizarding world works, particularly the Ministry of Magic. Are there any commercial companies other than in Diagon Alley? How does the wizarding world work in other countries?


    His Dark Materials:
    Characters I love:

    • Lyra
    • Mary Malone
    • The Dames from the various Colleges.
    • Xaphania

    Gen relationships I love:
    • Lyra and Mary
    • Lyra and her friends

    Pairings I love:
    • Balthamos/Baruch
    • Mary/Xaphania
    • Mary/OFC
    • Xaphania/OFC

    • What I love about this canon:
    • Holes between worlds! Holes between worlds have such huge potential, and I'd love to see that explored.
    • Heaven starting on Earth. I'm not fond of religion-bashing—agnostic myself, but live and let live and all that—but heaven starting on Earth is a wonderful truth, and I'd love any exploration of that.
    • Grand, multiverse-scale wars, and people willing to die for their ideals are so very iddy for me!

      Hunger Games
      Characters I love:

      • Annie
      • Cinna
      • Finnick
      • Johanna
      • Katniss

      Gen relationships I love:
      • Cinna and any victor
      • Johanna and Annie
      • Johanna and Finnick
      • Johanna and Katniss

      Pairings I love:
      • Cinna/Finnick
      • Finnick/Annie
      • Johanna/Annie

      What I love about this canon: Dark, fucked-up messiness, desperation leading people to do wild things, rebellion, politics, grimdark dystipia? Sign me the fuck up, please!


      Lord of the Rings
      Characters I love: Any female character!
      Gen relationships I love: Any female-centric relationship is wonderful!
      Pairings I love: Anything F/F!
      What I love about this canon: Mostly the same things I love about the Silm, really, with the added bonus of more female characters who actually do things!

      Characters I love:

      • Harry
      • Roxy

      Gen relationships I love:
      • Harry and Merlin
      • Roxy and Eggsy

      Pairings I love:
      • Harry/James!Lancelot
      • Roxy/OFC

      What I love about this canon:
      • I love the combination of over-the-top-crack and seriousness, and either/or works for me just fine.
      • Smooth, suave agents kicking ass! I love the Bond-style sleekness and how very British it all is.
      • I love the spy element, and missions, and what Kingsmen do, and basically the day-to-day running of the agency.
      • Harry living and becoming Arthur. Need I say more?
      • I'm also interested in the lives of the people behind the scenes, especially that of, say, female technicians or mechanics etc.
      • The political side of Kingsman, kingmaking and other things we never get to see.


      Percy Jackson
      Characters I love:

      • Annabeth
      • Nico
      • Zoë

      Gen relationships I love:
      • Annabeth and Rachel
      • Annabeth and Reyna
      • Zoë and the Hunters or her sisters

      Pairings I love:
      • Annabeth/Percy/Nico
      • Zoë/Artemis

      What I love about this canon:
      • All the mythology-related aspects!
      • Heroes, battle tactics, and dangerous quests are always amazing.
      • I'd love an exploration of how the gods treat their mortal children and how they feel about them (and vice verse).
      • Post-Tartarus, what happens to Percy, Annabeth, and Nico? I feel like that's no expanded on clear enough, and I'd love to see something about that.


      Fandom: Star Wars
      Characters I love:

      • Leia
      • Luke
      • Obi-Wan
      • Padmé
      • Phasma
      • Rey
      • Toryn Farr

      Gen relationships I love:
      • Finn and Phasma (not as friendship, please)
      • Leia and Breha and/or Padmé
      • Leia and Luke (and Han)
      • Obi-Wan and, well, everybody, basically, but Mace, Bail, Padmé, Qui-Gon, Anakin, Rey, and Yoda and Ahsoka if you don't mind TCW especially
      • Rey and Leia
      • Toryn Farr and Leia
      Pairings I love:
      • Han/Luke/Leia
      • Leia/Mon Mothma
      • Obi-Wan/Mace
      • Padmé/Mon Mothma
      • Padmé/Sabé
      • Rey/Jessika
      • Rey/OFC
      • Rey/Phasma
      • Toryn Farr/OFC

      What I love about this canon:
      • I'm more than fine with the EU (there's a reason I'm asking for Legends!), both the new EU and the old. I confess I'm not very familiar with it, but I love obscure EU details and characters nevertheless—if there's anything I don't know, I'll look it up on Wookiepedia. So go wild! (I know I've propounded upon my dislike of Rebels, but don't take it to heart—I dislike the show itself, but I'll love your interpretation as long as my requested character plays the main role, and Kanan and Ezra stay out of sight, and preferably far, far away.)
      • I'm interested in the way the Jedi fail. If the attachment thing is what you love, then go with it, but I'd also love to see a different take. Being brought up in a Theravada Buddhist household (although I'm currently agnostic), I've always wondered why the Jedi—a religious order which you could leave if you wanted to—are considered wrong for the non-attachment thing (and I admit that the demonization of my culture isn't my favourite thing!). I'd love a take on the Jedi where the Jedi's failings are that it's not made more explicit that leaving is OK, that they get too bogged down in politics instead of doing what's right, and that they encourage attachment in the form of the (very close) Master/Padawan relationship (and whatever else faults, I'm sure there are many!). A respectful take on so-called 'Eastern' religions would be much appreciated!
      • Regarding Anakin—I understand his position, and where he's coming from, but 'it's all Obi-Wan's/Yoda's/Padmé's/Qui-Gon's fault' is not my thing, and I have zero sympathy for the fact that he killed little children. Reluctantly, maybe, (and not-so-reluctantly with the Tuskens) but he killed little children, and I don't really like that. At all. What I would enjoy is an AU where Anakin left the Jedi because he realized that he wanted attachments.
      • Or just ignoring the attachments things in favour of all the ships is fine as well!

      Fandom: The Silmarillion
      Characters I love: Basically any female character, including OFCs and Textual Ghosts! Male characters I also like: Fingon, Maedhros, Fingolfin.
      Gen relationships I love: Any interaction between female characters, be it love or hate! Non-female-character-centric gen things I love are Fingolfin and Fingon (and his other children), Fingon and Aredhel and/or Turgon and/or Argon, Fingolfin and Fëanor, Maedhros and Fingolfin, and Indis and her children, especially Fingolfin.
      Pairings I love: Anything femslash (including OFCs and Textual Ghosts)! Non-femslash pairings I like: Fingon/Maedhros(/Fingon's wife), Fëanor/Fingolfin.
      What I love about this canon:

      • This my canon with an excess of characters I adore and pairings I love—especially female characters and F/F—so I haven't listed them here. I have a lot on what pairings, gen things, and characters I love in my previous exchange letters, if you're curious.
      • There aren't enough fics based on the Myths Transformed version of Middle-earth, and if that's something you'd like to explore, I'd love that, especially a more scientifically accurate (and sometimes, to my mind, a more tragic-and-dark-but-beautiful) vision of Middle-earth, and how that descends into modern earth and overlaps with otherworld. (Other versions would also be wonderful, of course! This is just a specific thing I don't see much of.)
      • I love the fact that Tolkien's canon is a patchwork of different stories and mythologies, both in the Doylist and Watsonian sense, and fic exploring that would be wonderful.
      • Linked with the points above, I'm interested in lived vs. written stories, and Those Pesky Historians, and how unseen forces affect history.
      • The mortals and Elves/free will and destiny debate and the role of the Valar would be a wonderful thing to read about—I'd love exploration of any of the philosophical questions of Tolkien's world, really, but especially this, as detailed in the Athrabeth and writings about the role of the Valar.
      • I love the way magic and power operate in Tolkien's world—the work he's done to make it believable is wonderful. Writing a green sun, indeed! Anything you can write about this would be welcome and much-adored.
      • For interspecies relationships, I'd love to see an emphasis on otherness and trying to understand each other.


      Kingsman + Harry Potter + Percy Jackson
      Kingsman + Harry Potter
      I'm sure that Kingsman is aware of the existence of the magical world! Something to do with the Ministry of Magic, maybe, and the magical world and the Kingsman agency colliding, maybe during either the First or Second Wizarding War, or maybe just an ordinary wizarding thing? I'd love to see Roxy meet some witches (and maybe fall in love with one of them?), or Harry-as-Arthur dealing with the Minister of Magic, or maybe one of the characters is from an old wizarding family?

      Harry Potter + Percy Jackson
      What would happen if the half-bloods were wizards in addition to or instead of being the children of gods? Or—we already know that Greek and Egyptian gods co-exist, so it's not improbably that the wizarding world could exist alongside the world of halfbloods. If so, do they ever meet?

      Kingsman + Percy Jackson
      Half-bloods lead somewhat normal lives after leaving Camp Halfblood—so what if Percy and/or Annabeth and/or Nico are recruited into the American branch of Kingsman? Or maybe a half-blood quest intersecting with a Kingsman mission, and one of the Kingsman agents being able to see through the mist or second-generation demigods etc?

      Silmarillion + Star Wars + Greek and Roman Mythology + Fairy Tales
      Silmarillion + Star Wars
      Tolkien IN SPACE. No really. Give me Tolkien characters in space, whether as Jedi, Rebels, part of the Resistance, politicians and rulers, or just normal civilians, and I'll be delighted.

      Silmarillion + Greek and Roman Mythology
      What would happen if the Ainur met the Greek gods? Or are the Greek gods different versions of Ainur, maybe in an alternate reality? Or a lover trying to bring someone back from the Halls of Mandos à la Oedipus? Or maybe one of the characters are reincarnated into the world of the Iliad and the Odyssey (and the Aenid? Pretty please? And I know this is cheating, so feel free to ignore, but the same character meeting Dante much, much, later...) or wander the world until they happen to stumble into the right place (I feel like Maglor would be a good candidate for the wandering part, or any of the characters whose fates aren't mentioned—and there are a lot of those!). Or (and this is a really, really wacky idea; again, feel free to ignore) Erendis/Penelope, or just Erendis and Penelope, would be a wonderful, wonderful thing.

      Silmarillion + Fairy Tales
      A Beauty-and-the-Beast Maedhros/Fingon AU? A Cinderella story between one of the daughters of Indis and a commoner? A fusion between Tar-Míriel's story and The Juniper Tree, only with Ar-Pharazôn as the stepmother? The possibilities are endless!

      Star Wars + Fairy Tales
      A thousand and one different possibilities again, and I'll love whatever you go for!

      Star Wars + Greek and Roman Mythology
      I feel like this could be the set up of a tragic tale—the Jedi as the Olympians, perhaps, except Olympus falls, and the gods wander the world, torn from their homes? Or Obi-Wan (or Anakin, although I feel like he's fundamentally too dark for that) as a tragic hero, maybe?

      Greek and Roman Mythology + Fairy Tales
      This, again, is an easy concept I'm going to make harder: portals! World-jumping! Accidental timetravel and/or timeshare! Gods accidentally meddling with worlds that aren't their own! All the weird and wacky things!

      His Dark Materials + Silmarillion + Smith of Wootton Major + Lord of the Rings
      His Dark Materials + Smith of Wootton Major
      Holes between worlds can lead to a lot of places, and that includes Faerie... (Mary/the Queen, pretty please?)

      His Dark Materials + Silmarillion
      Angels travelling between worlds have such potential! Maybe Ilmarë or Varda meets Xaphania? Or maybe a character(s) from the Silm stumble into a different world?

      Silmarillion + Smith of Wootton Major
      What if Faerie is actually either Aman or First Age Beleriand? The Queen could be Galadriel or Melian (or even Finduilas or Idril) if Beleriand, or Varda if Aman, and the warriors coming back from battle could be either from the War or Wrath, or from the endless battle against Morgoth? Time-travel shenanigans would, of course, be more than welcome!

      His Dark Materials + Lord of the Rings
      More holes-between-world shenanigans, more Mary Malone (Mary/Galadriel, Mary/Arwen?)! Or Xaphania, again—maybe she meets some of the LotR characters pre-HDM? (I'm sorry for the repetitive prompts, but travelling between worlds is such a fun premise, and I always love seeing more of that!)

      Lord of the Rings + Silmarillion
      This, of course, is the easiest thing to write, so I'm going to make it more difficult for you, with time travel! I mostly want characters to meet their ancestors/descendants, and fucked-up-ness regarding time travel and messing with timelines.

      Lord of the Rings + Smith of Wootton Major
      If Faerie is an alternate reality you can reach from our world (which, we know, is Middle-earth's future) using the star, then maybe a character from LotR (one of Arwen's or daughters?) is the first person to recieve the star. (Feel free to cross this over with the Silm, too, and have Aman as Faerie, if you want to!) Or maybe Smith or one of his relatives find the Red Book of Westmarch?

      Narnia + Kingsman + Pride and Prejudice
      Narnia + Kingsman
      I'd love to see Susan joining Kingsman after her siblings' death—missions, maybe, and possibly finding a lover there? Alternately, maybe a Kingsman agent stumbles into Narnia accidentally.

      Kingsman + Pride and Prejudice
      I would adore seeing Elizabeth or Kitty as a Kingsman agent, maybe the first female Kingsman agent. Or maybe one of the characters founds the agency?

      Pride and Prejudice + Narnia
      The time window between these two don't really overlap, so time travel into another dimension would be awesome! Maybe Susan and/or Lucy (or Aravis?) are accidentally transported into the Regency era, and meet the P&P characters? Or Elizabeth (or Kitty) stumbles into Narnia—maybe during Jardis' reign, maybe earlier, maybe during the Pevensies' rule or after they leave.

      A:TLA + Greek and Roman Mythology + Hunger Games + Fairy Tales
      A:TLA + Greek and Roman Mythology
      A fusion would be lovely, with different characters from A:TLA taking on different roles as gods, heroes etc. Or what if the gods existed in the A:TLA world?

      A:TLA + Hunger Games
      A Hunger Games in the A:TLA world, maybe with the Fire Nation using it to keep the colonies in line, or maybe a nation from, say, Avatar Yangchen (or another previous Avatar)'s time? Or maybe the A:TLA characters in Panem—how would that go?

      A:TLA + Fairy Tales So many ideas, again! Maybe Snow White is a bender? Or Aang as Sleeping Beauty?

      Greek and Roman Mythology + Fairy Tales
      This, again, is an easy concept I'm going to make harder: portals! World-jumping! Accidental timetravel and/or timeshare! Gods accidentally meddling with worlds that aren't their own! All the weird and wacky things!

      Hunger Games + Fairy Tales
      I feel like some of the darker fairy tales would go well with a Hunger Games fusion—The Juniper Tree, maybe (sorry, I'm obsessed! But it's such a creepily delightful story), or Little Red Riding Hood . Not characters meeting, maybe, but the stories intermeshing in some other way?

      Hunger Games + Greek and Roman Mythology
      The gods in Panem would be such a mess, and a mess I want to see more of! Anything goes, really, but if you could make it dark, I'd like that very much.