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GenEx Letter

Hello and welcome, dearest creator!

I am so, so happy we've matched and overjoyed that you're making art or fic for me! Please dp note that if you've written/drawn a relationship for me before and I've requested it again and prompted the same thing as before, that definitely does not mean I don't like it! I just always want moarr art and fic for the characters I love. Also, I would love anything from G-rated to explicit fic/art.

My prompts are slightly more fic-geared than art-geared (although most of them are hopefully general enough to apply to both), because, in art, I like a lot of the same thing for multiple relationships; I've included a separate section for general art prompts at the beginning of the letter. And I know that some of my prompts are longer than others, but that's mostly because for some prompts, I know exactly what I want to say, but for others, I ramble a lot—it's a problem with wording! I would love fic and art for any of the relationships I've requested equally. Also, prompts for relationship are by no means the only things I'd like to see! You can follow them or not as you wish; hopefully, I've given enough general prompts, too.

If you want to know more about me , I’m
[ profile] The_Wavesinger, [ profile] the-wavesinger and The Wavesinger (Silmarillion Writers’ Guild) on my fannish haunts. You can also find me here on DW, and as [ profile] the_wavesinger on LJ, but I don’t frequent those places often. If you want more on my fic preferences (however unlikely that is, after this very long letter!), my fic rec tag on Tumblr and my AO3 bookmarks may be of some use, and for art, my art and fan art tags on Tumblr may be of some use. You may also want to poke through my previous exchange letters, for both fic and art. And, of course, you can comment anonymously on this post or leave an anonymous ask on my Tumblr if you want to know more.


  • Gore/guro/vore, necrophilia, bestiality, even in passing.
  • Torture of animals. (Humans/humanoids/other sapient people being tortured is more than fine!)
  • Graphic descriptions of nausea/vomiting for fic, and for art, no nausea/vomiting at all, please.
  • (Fic) Reader inserts.
  • Mundane AUs.
  • (Fic) A/B/O.
  • Cis men becoming pregnant.
  • Crossovers/fusions between fandoms I haven't asked for. (Crossover within any fandom in my letter or previous exchange letters, along with mythology and folklore, are more than fine!)
  • (Fic) Fics which are all fluff are very difficult for me to stomach—a limit to the cuteness would be good. (Which isn't to say I don't like fluff; I just like fluff in moderation, and with a dose of conflict!)
  • (Fic) AUs with modern settings are no-no’s unless there’s a reasonable canon explanation (eg-: Tolkien, people cursed to be reborn again and again into mortal forms) and that only in Tolkien. Even then, please no high school or coffee shop AUs.
  • Please no age regression, de-ageing, or AUs in which one character is suddenly older than a previously older-than-them character (ageswap?).
  • (Fic) H/C fics centering on characters with depression and/or anxiety, and/or characters who self-harm or have eating disorders are not my favourite thing. (All of these things are more than fine in art and non-H/C fic, but not as things which can be hugged/cuddled better, please.)

General Likes:

  • Angst. Drama. Politics. Tragedy.
  • Philosophical ponderings!
  • I love canon divergence AUs, and other ‘what-if’ scenarios.
  • All the hard questions with no answers, characters trapped in unsolvable dilemmas, loss and grief and moving on.
  • Platonic soulmates! Not necessarily soulmate AUs (although that'd be more than fine), but soulmates as in 'I knew you the moment I saw you', or 'I felt you in my soul' or any other version of that—I just love platonic soulmates as a trope. Soulmate things I love include in every version of every reality, in another life, fated to be separated again and again.
  • Stoic and/or emotionally incompetent characters
  • In-world mythology.
  • Cultural differences and clashes that occur due to cultural differences.
  • Gallows humour, and humour in otherwise dark situations generally.
  • I adore OFCs and textual ghosts, for many, many reasons.
  • I'm more than fine with most side relationships, unless stated otherwise.

In fic:
  • I like relationships that are fated to end in tragedy, but I also like a pinch of humor with my angst.
  • All the things that could've happened, but didn't.
  • Characters who and relationships which fall just short of the mark, the almost-most-not-quite. I think the closest word to this would be hamartia in its original sense?
  • Again, canon divergence AUs, and For Want Of A Nail and what-if scenarios. I'd love both longer fic and snapshots of what could have been, all the things that could've happened, but didn't.
  • Hurt, and not necessarily comfort.
  • Fucked-up families and messy friendships which really, really aren't good for the characters, but they love each other very much anyway. I don't mind either characters finding ways to move past the fucked-upness and the relationships end up flourishing, or moving past fucked-up-ness and leaving what they don't want behind, but I also don't mind a constant cycle of messing up.
  • Found families!
  • Intense friendships which play a central role in the characters' lives.
  • For longer works, plotty fics are always welcome!
  • Characters finding ways to come to terms with themselves, with their pasts, and with their loved ones and/or finding their place in the world (think Circle of Life).
  • Characters who're broken, characters who're tired, characters who're lost, characters who refuse to be found, characters who're hurt over and over again, characters who never ever win, characters who've given up. And characters who love, characters who give, characters who're selfless and kind even after everything they've been through, characters who give their all and then some more to people they love, characters who never give up, characters who keep on hoping and keep on fighting even beyond the bitter end. And characters who're a mixture of both types.
  • I like all kinds of fic, so go wild—linear narrative, flashbacks, epistolary…whatever you think of is lovely, the more daring the better. I especially adore faux-historical documents.
  • I love characters with flaws and unpleasant qualities! Awesome ladies can be awesome and flawed :).
  • Characters teasing and bantering with each other.
  • I don’t mind any type of POV (including second person!). In fact, POV switches and outside POVs on relationships would be lovely.
  • Time travel and time loops, especially timefuckery where everything is fucked up!
  • Competence porn!
  • I also adore people being messes and general failboats, because, uh, contradictions?
  • I have zero problems with fics dealing with misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism etc. I like realism, but not overly-depressing fics or fics centered on issues at the expense of characterization. (I define 'overly-depressing' as continuous angst focusing on Issues and Only Issues.)

In art:
  • I adore all kinds of jewellery—the more elaborate the better!
  • And elaborate hairdos! And elaborate costumes!
  • I do, however, also enjoy seeing characters in their workaday attire, doing everyday things.
  • Characters with visible height differences from each other!
  • Elaborate weapons
  • Court settings with pomp and circumstance or everyday life are both things I enjoy seeing.
  • Studies in opposites
  • Limited palettes
  • Characters of color! (Racebending is awesome, too.)
  • Non-traditional art mediums would be welcome.

In darker fic and art:
  • Dark places and enchantments which entrap people without their knowledge
  • Getting lost in creepy surroundings
  • Corruption and decay
  • Explorations of the darker side of magic (or its equivalent), especially magic that's considered 'good'.
  • Exploration of the supernatural aspects of the canons.
  • Nature being eerily alive and dangerous.
  • Child soldiers, trauma, and really ugly, messy wars.
  • Characters trapped in vicious cycles.
  • Characters who think they're 'not good enough' for their partner(s).
  • Situations where characters are blackmailed/coerced into doing things they don't want to do.
  • Fucked-up families and friendships and relationships; people codependent to the point of almost-insanity, and far beyond anything healthy.
  • Looking into messed-up characters' thought processes.
  • Terrible things being done in the name of good by characters who see themselves as good. Perversion of the 'good' side of magic to do evil things.
  • Mindfucks and powerplay.
  • Torture for the sake of torture, and characters being stoic through torture.
  • The aftermath of rape and torture
  • Characters who hate themselves and lash out at the world and do fucked-up things as a result.
  • Really, really dark stories which end in the 'everyone dying' sort of tragedy.
  • AUs where everything goes wrong.

In non-darkfic and art:
  • Bittersweetness.
  • Characters dancing and spending time outdoors.
  • Characters in situations that shouldn't be funny, but are.
  • Characters who're comfortable around each other, and who tease and laugh with each other.
  • Slice-of-life fics and, for relationships, a look at all the quirks/annoyances of cohabitation.
  • Banter! I feel like I've repeated this a million times in this letter, but I adore banter!
  • Casual situations and everyday annoyances
  • Characters playing pranks on each other.
  • Generally over-the-top things played straight.
  • Drama interspersed with humor.
  • Characters sleeping on each other, making out for hours, drinking from the same cup, and generally being adorable!
  • Characters solving mysteries and going on journeys together!
  • Starlight and warm colors and pastels for art.

Art-specific prompts

  • For parents and children, older children taking care of their parents, or sharing a moment of quiet companionship with them
  • Gift-giving, both literal and metaphorical
  • Characters doing things they love together, especially for friendship but parents and children too
  • Ceremonies and events (coronations, balls, feasts etc.)
  • Characters arguing or debating with each other.
  • Characters passionate about friends and family and about things they love
  • Characters being cheesy or dorky or awkward (or all or some of these!).
  • Characters fighting and having each other's backs, and, for A:TLA, bending!
  • Characters facing each other across the battlefield (especially friends-turned-enemies).
  • Characters who look messy and/or rumpled and tired and way too fucking busy why is this my life

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Art, fic

  • I love the mix of darkness and humor in A:TLA—it's one of my favourite things about it. Also how deeply fucked up it is. Give me all the fucked-up childhoods and child soldiers and dictators! Fucked-up childhoods especially are a Thing for me.
  • Bending! Bending is another wonderful thing, and I'd love explorations of the hows and whys of bending for fic. And for art, bending and the elements and all the different fighting styles Exploring the roots of bending, having fun with bending, the darker side of bending—I'd adore it all!
  • Spirits and the supernatural and all the otherwordly aspects of the A:TLA world! I especially love the spirits' inability to distinguish between different humans.
  • Worldbuilding—the past of the A:TLA world and the politics of said world are things I always love to see being explored.
  • I love the character arcs for basically all the characters, and I'd adore something set in the future, because I want to see what happens to them! Bridging the gap between A:TLA and LoK would be particularly lovely.
  • Speaking of LoK, LoK and A:TLA sometimes have wildly different interpretations of events (lion-turtles and the origin of the Avatar comes to mind), so something about that, maybe?

Azula & Ursa, Zuko & Ursa

All the angst for these two relationships, please! I feel like Ursa would feel very guilty for leaving her children behind (and especially for choosing to give up her memories of them, if you're following the comics 'verse), although there was no other alternative. Azula and Ursa, I feel, would be very fucked up and messy, on both sides of the equation but especially Azula's, even pre-canon, before Ursa leaves, and I'd love to see something dark and angsty. I don't think that Zuko and Ursa would have a perfect relationship after Ursa left, either (not fucked-up, per se, just not...happy), and explorations of that would be wonderful. For either of the relationships, both post-canon and pre-canon would be lovely. (If you want to work Azula & Zuko in with either or both of the relationships, you're very welcome to!)

Azula & Zuko

I love how they're twisted mirrors of each other, and I'd love to see something on how fucked-up they are, and yet how, ultimately, they love each other (even if that love doesn't stop them from destroying each other). Either pre-, post-, or during canon would be wonderful!
And all the fire-themed arts, please and also dragons. Maybe them training together when they're younger, or the two of them during canon (perhaps a missing scene while Zuko is in the Fire Nation?), or post-canon.

Katara & Kya & Kanna

Three generations of Southern Water Water Tribe women! I'd love to see the three of them interacting when Katara's very young. Or maybe Kanna or Katara reminiscing after Kya's death? I'd love to see Southern Water Tribe culture, and maybe something about Katara's waterbending?

For art, maybe something with ice, and/or a happy moment? Or something about Kanna's necklace being passed down to Kya, then Katara.

Katara & Zuko

I find their friendship intriguing; they're so similar and yet so different, and they seem to understand each other well. I imagine they'd be close post-canon, and especially near the end of their lives when the rest of the Gaang is gone. Or during canon, maybe something bittersweet with a hint of darkness, about their mothers and what they've lost?

For art, other than the general prompts, I'd also love to see Katara's and Zuko's bending intermeshing, or the two of them on an journey together.

Kyoshi & Yangchen

How do Avatars adapt to being thrust into a world of alien cultures and people, and regarded as a god among them? How do they react to this, by clinging tighter to their culture and heritage or letting it go altogether? Does Kyoshi turn to her past lives? How does she get on with Yangchen? Does she like her or is she annoyed by her? What does she think of Yangchen's advice and how Yangchen lived her life? And, in the afterlife, do they bond? Basically, I'd love culture clashes and cultural exploration, and a journey to find balance.

For art, I love how the Spirit World has so many different landscapes (and the cosmos view, too), and I also adore Kyoshi's and Yangchen's clothes.

Crossover Fandom

Art, fic

  • I'd love either crossovers or fusions, and either way, worldbuilding! Especially for crossovers, I'd adore seeing how characters end up in each other's worlds (or how the worlds co-exist).
  • I've talked about what I like about A:TLA, Harry Potter, MCU, Tolkien fandoms. and Star Wars in those fandom sections, but for the other fandoms, I'm going to just outline a little bit of what I like (with the exception of X-Men, where most of my likes are similar to my likes for the MCU, and whatever isn't similar I've included under the relationship itself).
  • Kingsman:
    • I love the combination of over-the-top-crack and seriousness, and either/or works for me just fine.
    • Smooth, suave agents kicking ass! I love the Bond-style sleekness and how very British it all is.
    • I love the spy element, and missions, and what Kingsmen do, and basically the day-to-day running of the agency.
    • Harry living and becoming Arthur. Need I say more?
    • I'm also interested in the lives of the people behind the scenes, especially that of, say, female technicians or mechanics etc.
    • The political side of Kingsman, kingmaking and other things we never get to see.
  • Narnia:
    • Kings and queens, and all the trappings of monarchy!
    • What happens post-Last Battle? I'm especially interested in how Susan deals with it.
    • Narnian politics and how Aslan comes into play in that.
    • Explorations of 'once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen of Narnia'.
    • Does what happens in Narnia affect the real world? And if so, how?
  • Well, I say DCEU, but my requests are all Diana and a little bit of Steve, so.
  • As with the MCU, I love how much room for worldbuilding there is in superhero 'verses.
  • I'm especially interested in Themyscira, and the years between WW and BvS, and what happened there.
  • And I love the scale of the events in WW, and I love how WW handled the moral greyness of WWI, and basically I love everything about Wonder Woman.

Arien (Silmarillion) & the Balrog of Moria

Balrogs were once creatures of flame, and I like to imagine that Arien was one of these Maiar, too. Were they friends, long ago, and now they fight on opposite sides? (That could shine a whole new light on the sun shining brightly during Gandalf's and the Balrog's fight on Zirakzigil!) Does Arien still grieve for a fallen friend?

For art, fire, please, lots of fire!

Diana (Wonder Woman) (DCEU) & Éowyn (LotR book)

Brought to you by the fact that the No Man's Land scene was totally begging for something along the lines of 'but I am no man' :D. This is a 100% shallow request inspired by that scene, because I just want them to meet very, very much, perhaps through time travel shenanigans? (Diana in Middle-earth would probably be hilarious but she'd also fit in more than she did initially in WWI-era England. Or, Diana would probably sympathise with Éowyn's cultural shock if Éowyn's the one who time travels.)

Diana (Wonder Woman) (DCEU) & Goldberry (LotR book)

How does Diana meet Goldberry? Does Goldberry somehow find her way to Themyscira, or does Diana meet Goldberry in England post-WWI, or maybe even after the point at which Diana gave up on humans? I find it difficult to imagine that Goldberry would blend in very well in modern England, so maybe something about that?

Diana (Wonder Woman) (DCEU) & Peggy Carter (MCU)

Does Diana see a bit of Steve in Peggy Carter, perhaps, and that's how they bond? Or does Or, at what point do they meet—pre-WWII, during WWII, or post-WWII? If post-WWII, maybe Peggy trying to convince Diana that humans are worth fighting for (but not succeeding)? Or does Peggy meet Diana when she's still very young?

Diana would probably have lost a lot of her naïvety and would have been headed towards becoming disillusioned by that point (especially if they met during WWII), so something about that, maybe?

Diana (Wonder Woman) (DCEU) & Steve Rogers (MCU)

So, I love both of them a ridiculous amount and I would adore seeing them meet! Diana probably fought in WWII at some point, so maybe she met Steve and the Howling Commandos on the frontlines? Or did they meet after Steve was unfrozen, in the 21st century?

Diana is a goddess fighting to protect mortals, and Steve is a man turned into an almost-god, and they're basically mirrors of each other. And Diana is a lot more naïve than Steve, in some ways, especially in the horrible things human beings do to each other (and WWII was probably the reason she became disillusioned), so something about that? Or, I'd be very interested in post-Avengers, possibly post-TWS or even post-CW Steve meeting post-BvS Diana—how would that go?

Diana (Wonder Woman) (DCEU) & Susan Pevensie (Narnia)

There's a vast timeline in which this could happen, and so many possibilities. Diana meeting pre-Narnia Susan, or post-LWW, or post-TLB? Maybe Diana decides to become an antiquarian because of Susan's influence? I'd just love the two of them to meet, at any point in time, really.

Finduilas of Dol Amroth (LotR) & Uinen (Silmarillion)

Maybe Finduilas used to go down to the sea and talk to it when she lived in Dol Amroth? Or maybe, after she dies, the sea claims her? Anything from fitting in canon to wildly AU would be lovely for this.

I'd love something vaguely supernatural, please, if you can do that, and maybe something to do with swans?

Goldberry (LotR) & Indis (Silmarillion)

We don't know whether Indis was born on Valinor or not (and if you consider HoME, it's very likely that she was not) so maybe she met Goldberry during the march from Cuiviénen? Or maybe an AU where Indis doesn't stay in Valinor?

What little we know of Indis' personality seems to indicate that she's a joyful person, so she and Goldberry would probably get along very well. Or is your characterization of Indis very different, and if so, how well does she mesh with Goldberry?

Goldberry (LOTR) & Uinen (Silmarillion)

Goldberry is the River-woman's daughter, so it's not inconceivable that she's related to Uinen. I'd like to see them meeting—what do they make of each other? They both seem to be wild, free spirits, so maybe something supernatural? Maybe something about their respective powers, or something about their roles in the Music/in Arda?

Peggy Carter (Agent Carter) & Moira MacTaggert (X-Men Alternate Timeline movies)

I love both of these characters so much, and I'd love to see them interact in any way at all. Perhaps the CIA collaborate with the fledgling S.H.I.E.L.D. pre-XMFC? Or maybe post-XMFC, after Moira's lost her memories, they meet on a regular assignment? Or maybe Moira is recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. and that's how she meets Peggy? (Or maybe Moira helping to build fledging S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Peggy Carter (MCU) & Female M (James Bond Movies)

M was at MI6 at least from the Cold War era, so I'd love to see her collaborating with Peggy. She must've been a low-level agent at that point—maybe she's sent to America as a liaison with the fledgling S.H.I.E.L.D., helping them to establish themselves? Or maybe the two of them meet on a mission, while pursuing the same target?

Peggy Carter (MCU) & Roxy Morton (Kingsman)

Roxy already seems to have a certain level of training pre-Kingsman, so maybe Peggy trains her? Is Peggy a relative of hers? An old family friend? Or did Peggy meet a teenaged Roxy and take her under her wing?

Play this any way you like, I'd just love to see Peggy teaching Roxy and/or just the two of them spending time together and getting on like a house on fire.

Peggy Carter (MCU) & Susan Pevensie (Narnia)

Does Susan get recruited to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. under Peggy Carter? She'd obviously have some experience with the phenomena that S.H.I.E.L.D. deal with, so maybe something about that? Maybe the two of them working on a case together?

Or maybe Peggy and Susan become friends outside of their professional lives? In which case, how do they meet? What are their shared interests? How much does Susan know about Peggy's work?

Sharon Carter (MCU) & Roxy Morton (Kingsman)

Maybe, as with Peggy & Roxy, Sharon mentors Roxy (unless I'm having an epic brainfart, I think that Sharon's some years older than Roxy)? Or, again as with Peggy & Roxy, they're related?

Or do S.H.I.E.L.D. and Kingsman, and therefore Sharon and Roxy, collaborate at some point? Or maybe they face off against each other? (Although Sharon does appear to be more specialized in the administrative side—something about that, maybe?)

Steve Rogers (MCU) & Steve Trevor (DCEU)

The parallels between these two! Both Steves are self-sacrificing idiots who don't get that you can, in fact, jump out of planes before putting them down in the Arctic/making them explode in mid-air. I think there's a very small window where it might have been possible—but still extremely unlikely—that newborn!Steve R. and Steve T. may have met, but it's very, very unlikely, so. Time travel! One character time travelling and meeting the other! (And I'd be interested in seeing how Steve R.'s reaction to Steve T. would be different across the years.)

They're also both a lot more pragmatic and realistic than Diana, so something about that, maybe?

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

Art, fic

  • I haven't watched Fantastic Beasts or read The Cursed Child, and, while I don't mind spoilers for the former, I'd prefer not to read or see anything about the latter. I'm sorry, but it's just not my thing.
  • Magic! I adore magic, and all the wackiness of the magical world. I'd love to see explorations of both the dark, not-so-dark, and in-between magics, especially the inbetweens (how do you call something Dark Magic? Where do you draw the line? And how blurred is the aforesaid line?).
  • I'd love to see more about how the wizarding world works, particularly the Ministry of Magic. Are there any commercial centres other than in Diagon Alley? How does the wizarding world work in other countries? How does the Order work? Basically, the nitty-gritty details we didn't see in the books. We only got a general overview of how magical society functions (I imagine Hogwarts is very isolated from the rest of society), and that through Harry's limited PoV, and I'd love to know more.
  • Several of the characters are, ahem, magical beings, magical creatures (except obviously not, because they're people, and even that word is a perfect embodiment of prejudice against them). An exploration of the magic and mechanics of this would be lovely. How do other people see them? How do they see themselves? And, of course, dealing with prejudice and discrimination is more than fine
  • HP is rife with weird, wacky, and wonderful(ly spooky) settings and magical artefacts, and I'd love to see them incorporated into your story/artwork. Ghosts, Inferi, Dark Creatures—I'd love to see them all!
  • War, especially if you're writing the First War with Voldemort. It was a war run from the shadows, and I'd love to see something about that—perhaps Order missions and meetings? I'd love to see how the war fucks everything up, and people dying and suspicions cast on each other.

Lily Evans & Remus Lupin

So, Remus speaks of Lily with enough familiarity that I imagine they're friends outside of (and maybe before) Lily's relationships with James. I'd love to see them spending time together, both during and after Hogwarts. How did they meet and become friends? How did James' crush affect their relationship (or not)? They were Prefects together—something about that? Or post-Hogwarts, doing things for the Order (missions, errands, meetings) together? We know that Lily was one of the few people who believed that Remus wasn't the spy, so maybe something about that? Or something about Remus being a werewolf?

Narcissa Black Malfoy & Andromeda Black Tonks

Maybe Narcissa and Andromeda meet again and try to repair bridges after the events of DH? I'd imagine that Andromeda would have mixed feelings about her sister's sudden change of heart, and Narcissa probably has a lot of her old prejudices, so it probably wouldn't be smooth sailing.

Or maybe the two of them when they're younger, before Andromeda got disowned? Or maybe they meet accidentally during either of the wars with Voldemort, and they can't bring themselves to completely destroy each other? Either way, I'd love something about how complex the relationship between the two sisters must be, please. (Or the two of them utterly and completely loathing each other, I'd also be very much down for that!)

Marvel Cinematic Universe


  • There's such a vast world to play in in the MCU, and so much of the characters' lives we don't know about because of the way time works in the movies! There's a lot of room for exploration and worldbuilding. My favourite MCU movies are the Cap movies, and I'd love to see what happens between them (and the Avengers movies)! Between Avengers & TWS, between TWS & AoU, between AoU & CW—I'm really curious as to what happens in the in-between years where obviously important stuff has happened.
  • I'm very interested in politics for this fandom, because so much of the storyline is influenced by in-world politics which we don't get to see. For example, HYDRA's ideology, the politics behind the US supersoldier program, Project Insight being authorized, the Accords—there's so much to explore.
  • CW brought up some interesting questions about the fact that the majority of the problems the Avengers deal with are things they've caused, albeit sometimes necessarily, so maybe something about that.
  • For this fandom especially I'd love to see outsider POVs, whether that be people who are working closely with the characters or people who only see the characters on TV.
  • I love the sheer scale of the events of the movies, so maybe something about that?
  • There's a common thread of the end not justifying the means across the Cap movies, so something about that, maybe?
  • With so many supervillains floating around, there's plenty of room for lots of H/C (or H without C) with characters being captured and tortured and injured.
  • I love fun and asskicking and just superheroes being superheroes too.
  • I adore the fact that the characters have very individual senses of humour!
  • I am very much meh on Tony, Bucky, Loki, Vision, Peter Parker, Scott Lang, and Clint, so I'd prefer it if they weren't the focus of your work, please. I don't mind them appearing in the work or even playing large-ish roles as long as the focus is on characters I do adore.
  • Other things I'm not fond of include AoS in general, the way AoS handled S.H.I.E.L.D. in particular, all the Avengers living at the Avengers tower (especially post-Avengers but pre-TWS; I don't really mind pre-AoU since there's some element of canon to it).

Alexander Pierce & Nick Fury

I love that Alexander Pierce is kind of a HYDRA mirror of Nick Fury, and I love the bit about how it was Fury who inspired him to do what he does. The fact that Project Insight was initially Fury's brainchild and that Fury didn't really see what was wrong with it until it came into the hands of HYDRA is very intriguing, and, in terms of ideology, there are huge similarities between them, despite Pierce's general HYDRA-ness.

I'd love to see younger!Fury and Pierce interacting, and maybe Pierce becoming part of HYDRA, or them working together in any situations. Everything about the two of them interests me, really.

Alexander Pierce & Steve Rogers

I find the one scene they had together so very interesting. Pierce is trying to manipulate Steve, but it isn't working, and Steve does appear to realize that there's something fishy going on, if only because of Fury's 'trust no-one'.

Does Pierce follow Steve's work at S.H.I.E.L.D. with interest, because Captain America who destroyed HYDRA? Or maybe an AU where Pierce doesn't die and is captured instead, or any other reason for them to meet again? I'd just love explorations of their different ideologies.

Natasha Romanoff & Wanda Maximoff

I'm kind of disappointed we didn't really get to see them interacting beyond the group settings. Maybe something set either post-AoU or pre-CW, the two of them just talking to each other and/or sizing each other up? (Especially post-AoU, I imagine Natasha wouldn't trust Wanda very quickly. And post-CW, well, Natasha was part of Team Iron Man for a while, and, well, the Accords resulting in the Raft for Wanda, so I don't think Wanda would be very trusting of Natasha.) Or the two of them on an Avengers mission, working together?

Natasha Romanov & Councilwoman Hawley

I'm really, really curious as to how Natasha impersonated Councilwoman Hawley—did she knock her out, or did she talk her into it? And especially if you go with the former option, post-TWS it must have been very, very awkward if Natasha ever interacted with Councilwoman Hawley, so maybe something about that?

Nick Fury & Natasha Romanov

I adored their dynamic in TWS. Natasha clearly cares for Fury very much, and her betrayal when she found out he was alive was very palpable. She would probably have very mixed feelings about him post-TWS, so something about that, or something where they work together post-AoU, maybe? Or maybe pre-TWS or even pre-Avengers, I'd love to see them as mentor & mentee, or maybe something about how Natasha was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. Or maybe even Natasha going to Fury post-CW?

Peggy Carter & Maria Hill

Did Maria admire Peggy Carter when she was growing up? Maybe Peggy was one of Maria's heroes? Or was Peggy still at S.H.I.E.L.D. when Maria was first recruited, and when she was working her way up the ranks? Or does the Deputy Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. ever get advice from a former Director?

Peggy Carter & Sharon Carter

I loved Sharon in CW and TWS both (although I'm disappointed she didn't have a bigger role), and I'd love to see what her relationship with Peggy is like. Sharon's statements at Peggy's funeral about her surname—what was it like living in Peggy's shadow, even just within Peggy's family? Maybe Peggy with kid!Sharon, playing with Sharon on a rare day off? Or maybe Peggy mentoring Sharon, or Sharon discussing a workday with Peggy? Or maybe that phonecall with Peggy we see in TWS?

Pepper Potts & Natasha Romanov

I adored their interactions in IM2, and I would really, really like to know. Maybe something about Natasha's days working for Pepper? Or, post-IM2, Pepper having complex feeling on Natasha? Maybe them meeting again post-Avengers or even post-AoU? Do they become friends, or are they uncomfortable with each other?

Steve Rogers & Allied soldiers, Steve Rogers & Colonel Phillips, Steve Rogers & Howling Commandos

These are all requests for WWII-era Steve—he's very much a soldier by Avengers, and I'd like to see him with his fellow soldiers in his own time. I'd love to see operations and missions, and how they were handled.

How did the Howling Commandos function as a unit? How well did Steve and Colonel Phillips work together, given Steve's propensity for obeying orders right up until he doesn't, and the fact that they got off on the wrong foot? How do the Allied soldiers they come across while on missions react to Steve and the Commandos? How do the higher-ups at Allied command deal with a supersoldier?

While Steve was mostly another soldier (albeit a tactical genius who has super-strength) at that point, his legend was already being created, so how does that affect his interactions with the other soldiers? Do they look up to him because they've heard of what he's done in the field? Do they laugh at him in the early days when they still think he's a dancing monkey?

Steve Rogers & Maria Hill

I adore their interactions, as few and far apart as they are—their interactions in AoU in particular are pure gold. I'd love to see the two of them spending more time together, and, while I wouldn't say they clash exactly, they aren't best buddies either, so something about that, maybe? There are many, many points at which they could have interacted, pre-TWS, post-TWS, post-AoU, etc., so I'd love to see them interacting in any way or form.

Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanov & Sam Wilson

I love the three of them and I love their dynamic in TWS, and I'm sad we didn't really get to see all three of them together properly in either AoU or CW, so—more about the three of them spending time together, please? Whether that's downtime (maybe post-TWS but pre-AoU?) or on missions together (post-AoU, maybe?), or the three of them on the run, maybe splitting off from the others, post-CW, I'd lovelovelove to see the three of them together, because I adore these three dorks and I adore these three dorks spending time around each other.

Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanov

It is absolutely ridiculous how much I love these two, and how much I love gen about these two. I'd love to see them at any point in time. Pre-TWS, Steve and Natasha do have some sort of rapport going, but it becomes clear that Steve didn't trust her fully at that point; maybe something about that? Or maybe the two of them post-TWS (because I'm really curious as to what happened between TWS and AoU)? Or Natasha and Steve with the Avengers post-AoU? Or the two of them on the run post-CW?

I just love their banter and how well, in CW, they know each other, and how very well they work together, and their similarities and differences, and most of all, I just love that they get each other.

Steve Rogers & Nick Fury

I adore the two of them clashing in TWS because of their different ideologies informed by their different life experience, but they obviously also work together effectively enough because Fury appears to be Steve's direct CO. (And, well, I love Fury completely misjudging Steve constantly in the scene where Steve first saw the helicarries.) Or post-AoU, especially after Steve's 'this is what S.H.I.E.L.D. is supposed to be' line, I'd love to see them working together. Or maybe Fury's reaction to the events of CW.

Steve Rogers & Original Politician Character(s)

We saw in TWS that Steve isn't easy to manipulate and can cut through bullshit easily, but he's also not very good at the business of politics himself, which I think makes an interesting contrast. I'd love to see him interacting with any politician at any point in time (during TFA, pre- or post-Avengers, post-TWS, post-AoU, post-CW), given this combination—I'm sure there are plenty of chances for him to do so.

Steve Rogers & Sam Wilson

I love everything about these two, from their first meeting in TWS (the two of them bonding, their similar experiences) to Steve breaking Sam out of the Raft in CW (that smile on Sam's face, like he knew it was only a matter of time before Steve came). I love their banter, and I love that Sam is so done with everyone's bullshit, especially in CW, and I love that even though Sam has got Steve's back, he's got his own reasons and isn't just blindly following Cap. So, well, basically anything, but if you want more specific, maybe Steve breaking Sam out of the Raft post-CW, or Steve and Sam post-AoU but pre-CW?

Steve Rogers & Sarah Rogers

We know almost nothing about MCU!Steve's mother, so basically, anything about Sarah Rogers, please? Going by movie canon, I think Steve's father died even before he was born? So what was it like for a (probably) Irish (and possibly Catholic) single mother in the '20s and the '30s? Something about her job as a nurse, maybe? I'd just adore seeing Steve and Sarah spending time with each other in any way or form.

Steve Rogers & Senator Brandt

Steve being able to see through politician's bullshit had to come from somewhere—did he cultivate this ability due to prolonged exposure to Senator Brandt? Did Steve actually believe some part of the Senator's spiel? I'd just love something, anything, about the WWII propaganda machine that Steve was a huge part of.

Steve Rogers & World Security Council

Post-TWS, I'd love to see Steve interacting with the remaining members of the World Security Council. They probably wouldn't see eye-to-eye ideologically ('not if it was your button'), and there would probably be a lot of ambivalence because of the events of TWS. (Honestly, I just want to see basically the same kind of thing as for Steve & Original Politican Characters.)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Art, fic

  • Okay, so this is a weird request, but please no everyone lives/some people live AUs unless I specifically ask for them? The point of Rogue One, for me, is that everyone dies (and, personally, I don't think there's anything left for any of them if they do live), so I'd prefer not to see this. No unrequested AUs from the movie at all, please? (I don't mind picking and choosing details from the book at all, though! That's what I love to do. And if I ask for AUs then they're more than fine.)
  • The main thing I love about Rogue One is the nitty-gritty behind-the-scene details, and the toll the Rebellion takes on all its members.
  • I'd adore backstory and generally terrible things they've done (because I don't think any of them haven't done one or two awful things).
  • Quick Cassian note: I love that he's a tortured idealist who's done awful things (seriously, Cassian/self-loathing is my OTP, and Cassian selling his integrity for the Rebellion is something I'd love to see, as is calculating!Cassian), so please don't make him a person who hasn't done bad things? Also for Jyn, although she's actually more Han Solo type, and I love that! (I would seriously love to see Jyn having been a smuggler at some point.)
  • I'd love more on the workings of the Rebellion, and all the petty annoyances, and also, for characters who are part of the Rebellion, Rebellion missions.
  • I'd love to see traumatized, exhausted characters stretched to their limits, and exhausted, harried leaders stretched to their limits.
  • The Empire—I'd love to see more about what sort of things they do.
  • The Force, and the Jedi, and explorations of that, and what legends about the Jedi and stories about them remain in the Empire.
  • This is a general Star Wars thing, but I love the various planets, and I'd love whatever new planets you come up with! Also cultures of various planets and culture clashes?
  • There's a lot of moral grey area in Rogue One and I love that, so something about that? Especially how extremists are presented very neutrally and how the supposed 'good guys' do bad things, and, again, that's presented neutrally.
  • For art: I love how worn and ragged everyone and their costumes look! And also, hair game. Star Wars hair game is strong.

Bail Organa & Cassian Andor & Mon Mothma, Cassian Andor & Mon Mothma

Okay, so Cassian seems to be pretty high up in the Rebellion hierarchy—I'd love to see him interact with these two. Maybe he's being sent off on one of the missions where he does terrible things, or maybe a mission report afterwards and he's pretty banged up? Or I'd love to see strategy meetings, behind-the-scene workings of the Rebellion. Or Cassian being in the Rebellion since he was six—does that have anything to do with Mon (and Bail?).

Bail Organa & Mon Mothma, Bail Organa & Mon Mothma & Senator Pamlo

Again, behind-the-scenes workings of the Rebellion! I'd love to see High Command meetings, or the Senators engaging in political manoeuvring, or motivating Rebellion troops, or organizing missions, or risk assessment meeting held privately, or infighting.

If it's just Bail and Mon, I'd also love to see them with their public masks off, and what the chances of the Rebellion were really like, and reminiscing and trying not reminisce and all the painful things, and maybe even some conversations about Leia.

Cassian Andor & his parents

So, the book says that Cassian was originally with the Seperatists, but I'm blithely ignoring that (and also, Fest ew ew), although I wouldn't mind seeing how the transition would work, and how Cassian came to be the tortured idealist (not just repeating mantras but genuinely believeing them) he is, but. If you ignore the book. He was in this fight since he was six years old. That means he was six, if he's twenty-six, and that was the exact point at which Padmé and Bail and Mon were plotting the beginnings of the Rebellion, so: how did he get into this fight? Why are his parents okay with this? Were they part of the original Delegation of Two Thousand, and maybe one of the people most deep in it? Was one of them a Senator's aide? Were they dead by the time he was six? If so, how? Basically, what the fuck were his parents thinking allowing a six-year-old to become a child soldier?

Or present (or just-before-R1) Cassian reminiscing about his parents, maybe? Or his line about not having the luxury to choose—does that relate to his parents, somehow? Basically, I want Cassian with all the angst-y back story, please!

For art, happy times with his parents as a kid? Or watching them die or being separated from them?

Cassian Andor & K-2SO

So, this is one of the things I do love about the novelization, the relationship between K-2 and Cassian (and K-2 offering to wipe Cassian's memories be still my beating heart), and I'd love to see more of it!

How did Cassian acquire K-2? What sort of situations were they in over the years? Basically, I'd love banter and snark and tortured!Cassian (both literally and figuratively) and perhaps some K-2 comforting Cassian (or attempting to, because Cassian is the 'everything is fine even when it's not' type).

Cassian Andor & Leia Organa

(Brought to you by my extreme desire to torture both Leia and Cassian, because yessssss.) What gets me about both Leia and Cassian is that they're idealists and optimists but also—grim about it? Optimism and idealism aren't personality traits for them, they're life choices, and they're idealists in the sense of believing in their cause to the exclusion of everything else, and giving everything and willing to do anything for that cause, but they're not naïve and hopeful in the way that Luke is. And that's definitely because of the things he did for the Rebellion in Cassian's case, and also probably in Leia's case? And Leia hasn't been completely destroyed in the way Cassian has, and I'd love to see something about that, maybe?

Both Cassian and Leia were part of the intelligence branch of the Rebellion and they were both pretty high up in said intelligence division, so I'd like to think that they'd have met as some point. Maybe Cassian was Leia's mentor? Or maybe he was a contact between the Senate and Yavin 4 at some point? Or even just accidental meeting on the Rebel base

Cassian Andor & Rebel soldiers

I would love to see Cassian commanding Rebels, maybe sending someone under his command on a mission or supervising a mission? Or I'd love to see him working with someone. (And maybe bad things happening to said person?) I don't see Cassian being close enough to anyone to call them a friend, but maybe colleagues?

Also, I have a headcanon that he's a very, very good leader because he inspires loyalty and he gives his all to the Rebellion, and also because he's devoted to the Rebellion enough that he can take risks when necessary, so maybe something about what the people who work under him think of him (And this is super-super-optional, but I also think that some of the Rebels who came for the Scarif mission came because of loyalty to Cassian. And even if they didn't, it says something that he's the person they come to in that situation).

Chirrut Îmwe & any Jedi

So, Chirrut's mantra--“I am with the Force and the Force is with me”—is something I love, and I'd like to know more about his relationship with the Force, and with Force-users!

I'd love to know more about the Guardians of the Whills and how they relate to the Jedi! We know that Qui-Gon (and Yoda and Obi-Wan) learnt about how to become Force Ghosts from the path of the Whills, so maybe something about that? Or maybe a chance meeting with Chirrut while on some mission? (Except not a chance meeting, of course, because the Force works in mysterious ways...).

Or maybe Chirrut and the legends that have sprung up around the Jedi post-Operation Knightfall and Order 66? Or how he reacted to those events when he heard of them? Maybe even a Jedi coming to Jedha while fleeing the Empire?

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Art, fic

  • I don't play hard-and-fast with EU; I don't mind complete faithfulness, completely ignoring its existence, or something inbetween. (I consider the novelizations part of the EU).
  • Planets! I'd love explorations of different planets and their people!
  • Politics! Behind-the-scene views and nitty-gritty details are always my favourite things, and I'd especially love this for characters who are Senators of Rebellion/Resistance leaders.
  • I'm interested in the way the Jedi fail. If the attachment thing is what you love, then go with it, but I'd also love to see a different take. I've always wondered why the Jedi—a religious order which you could leave if you wanted to—are considered wrong for the non-attachment thing (and I admit that the demonization of Buddhist culture and lumping different kinds of Buddhism plus a few other Eastern religions together isn't my favourite thing!). I'd love a take on the Jedi where the Jedi's failings are that it's not made more explicit that leaving is OK, that they get too bogged down in politics instead of doing what's right, and that they encourage attachment in the form of the (very close) Master/Padawan relationship (and whatever else faults, I'm sure there are many!). A respectful take on so-called 'Eastern' religions would be much appreciated!
  • Regarding Anakin—I understand his position, and where he's coming from, but 'it's all Obi-Wan's/Yoda's/Padmé's/Qui-Gon's fault' is not my thing, and I have zero sympathy for the fact that he killed little children. Reluctantly, maybe, (and not-so-reluctantly with the Tuskens) but he killed little children, and I don't really like that. At all. What I would enjoy is an AU where Anakin left the Jedi because he realized that he wanted attachments.
  • Or just ignoring the attachments things in favour of all the ships is fine as well!

Bail Organa & Leia Organa

Bail mentoring Leia in politics and introducing her to the Rebellion, perhaps? Or Bail telling Leia stories about the Old Republic and about his old friends (dressed up in pseudonyms, of course)? Or Bail telling Leia about General Kenobi, perhaps? Or Leia mourning Bail post-Alderaan? (Feel free to combine this group with Breha & Leia)

Breha Organa & Leia Organa

Breha with little Leia, please, taking time out of her busy day to be with her daughter, please, or older Leia reminiscing about her mother (and if you've also offered Leia & Mon Mothma, maybe the two of them reminiscing together?).

Breha Organa & Padmé Amidala

Politics or friendship (or both!) during the movies; or maybe something about the Delegation of Two Thousand? I'd love to see how two Queens of two different planets with two completely different systems react to each other's style of politics! Or maybe something about the founding of the Rebellion. Or a Padmé lives AU, maybe, with Padmé finding shelter in Alderaan for a while, or running the Rebellion?

Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker

Maybe fighting together in the Clone Wars, or the lost years, the ten years between TPM and AotC, Anakin as Obi-Wan's Padawan, first entering the Temple or as a 13-14 year old? Obi-Wan advising and teaching Anakin, and their fucked-up relationship and how everything is messy between them but they love each other anyway (not in a shippy way! Friendship, please, or not-quite-friendship, but whatever you call what's between Masters and Padawans). Or, if you want to go AU, Mustafar AUs are always lovely, the more fucked-up the better, or maybe an AU where Obi-Wan finds out about Anakin's reaction to Shmi's death, or AU where Qui-Gon lives, but Obi-Wan trains Anakin anyway?

Fall Out Boy's Centuries is my theme song for these two, switching between Anakin's and Obi-Wan's POVs. For Obi-Wan's, Little Mix's 'Lightning' (and maybe Qui-Gon angst), only not romantically.

Obi-Wan Kenobi & Bail Organa

Politics! Politics galore, please, and Obi-Wan's distaste for it, and banter and snark, maybe Bail and Obi-Wan having to work together on some Senate committee regarding the war. Or, if you've read Wild Space, maybe the two of them post-novel, some dark H/C and/or angst, with suitable doom and gloom premonitions about the fall of the Republic? Or Obi-Wan and Bail sharing vague suspicions about how the war is not-quite-right, maybe something to do with the Delegation of Two Thousand and/or the Rebellion (during or post-RotS)?

Obi-Wan Kenobi & Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi & Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi & Mace Windu & Yoda

I see Obi-Wan as having quite strong bonds with Yoda and with Mace; we see the three of them together a lot, and I know this is a plot device, but Obi-Wan is still a junior Master spending a lot of time with senior Council members—maybe they're vetting him for the Council? Maybe one or both of them mentor Obi-Wan through the early days of his Knighthood, and later strike up a friendship And I see Obi-Wan as a Master who never got to be Knight—or if he was a Knight, he earned his Mastery quickly (see: 'Master Kenobi' in AotC, which most people interpret as just a form of address, I know, but even Yoda calls him that), so maybe something about that? Or, the final scene in AotC where Yoda, Mace, and Obi-Wan are having what amounts to their own private Council session (when Obi-Wan isn't even on the Council)—what's going on there?

Padmé Amidala & Obi-Wan Kenobi

Again, if you've read Wild Space, I love what we see of Padmé's and Obi-Wan's interactions there. Or Obi-Wan during the Clone Wars, discussing a political situation with Padmé (and Obi-Wan's legendary dislike of politicians being worked in!) and perhaps Padmé seeing the toll the war is taking on the Jedi? Or a Padmé lives AU where Padmé goes on the run with the twins and Obi-Wan!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types


  • I don't play hard-and-fast with EU; I don't mind complete faithfulness, completely ignoring its existence, or something inbetween. (I consider the novelizations part of the EU).
  • Planets! I'd love explorations of different planets and their people!
  • Politics! Behind-the-scene views and nitty-gritty details are always my favourite things, and I'd especially love this for characters who are Senators of Rebellion/Resistance leaders.
  • I'm interested in the way the Jedi fail. If the attachment thing is what you love, then go with it, but I'd also love to see a different take. I've always wondered why the Jedi—a religious order which you could leave if you wanted to—are considered wrong for the non-attachment thing (and I admit that the demonization of Buddhist culture and lumping different kinds of Buddhism plus a few other Eastern religions together isn't my favourite thing!). I'd love a take on the Jedi where the Jedi's failings are that it's not made more explicit that leaving is OK, that they get too bogged down in politics instead of doing what's right, and that they encourage attachment in the form of the (very close) Master/Padawan relationship (and whatever else faults, I'm sure there are many!). A respectful take on so-called 'Eastern' religions would be much appreciated!
  • Regarding Anakin—I understand his position, and where he's coming from, but 'it's all Obi-Wan's/Yoda's/Padmé's/Qui-Gon's fault' is not my thing, and I have zero sympathy for the fact that he killed little children. Reluctantly, maybe, (and not-so-reluctantly with the Tuskens) but he killed little children, and I don't really like that. At all. What I would enjoy is an AU where Anakin left the Jedi because he realized that he wanted attachments.
  • Or just ignoring the attachments things in favour of all the ships is fine as well!

Obi-Wan Kenobi & Ahsoka Tano

Maybe an AU where Ahsoka is Obi-Wan's padawan instead of Anakin's (and I'd love it if you managed to include 'You never would have made it as Obi-Wan's Padawan', suitably modified for circumstances, of course—maybe Anakin's just a little jealous, because we all know how possesive he is?), and what would change, and what wouldn't . Or Obi-Wan working behind the scenes to exonerate Ahsoka in Season Five, anyone? Or an AU where Anakin doesn't find Ventress in time and Obi-Wan decides to take action?

For art, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka fighting together, please, and/or Obi-Wan mentoring Ahsoka, or Ahsoka deliberately annoying Obi-Wan.

The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison

Art, fic

  • I love the steampunk word TGE is set in, and I'd love to see more of that world! Worldbuilding is always, always wonderful. And steampunk-y art, all the steampunk-y art.
  • Language porn! I especially love the pronounced T-V distinction, and, well, alllll the language porn. This is another of my favourite things about TGE.
  • Rituals and ceremonies and all the trappings of Imperial life.
  • I adore the different levels of formality in social interactions.
  • Politics—I'm disappointed we didn't get to see much of the actual business of politicking, so more about that, maybe? I'd love to see policymaking and I'd love to see Maia coming into his own as Emperor.
  • And I'm also really curious about court life.
  • I'd love to see more about the maza, and, generally, about the lives of people who aren't the Emperor.
  • For art specifically, elf ears! I, uh, may have a slight thing for pointed ears they're too cute for words

Csethiro Ceredin & Vedero Drazhin

We know these two are friends, but precious little about their friendship. How do they spend time together? Does Csethiro teach Vedero how to duel? Does Vedero take Csethiro to see the stars? Do they argue about philosophy, tease each other, be silly with each other?

Kiru Athmaza & Mireän Drazhin & Ino Drazhin

I'd love to see Kiru with the two girls, maybe playing with them, maybe guarding them. I just want them to be filled with wonder that a girl can be a nohecharo too.

Kiru Athmaza & Csethiro Ceredin

Anything to do with Kiru and Csethiro would be lovely—maybe Kiru is surprised by how good Csethiro is at fencing? Or when Csethiro first marries Maia, getting to know each other?

Kiru Athmaza & Maia Drazhar

All the loyalty and fierce protectiveness, please! I'd love to see Kiru protecting Maia from an assassin (maybe with Csethiro, too?), or the two of them talking about random things (I have a thing for conversations in this fandom. Conversation porn? Is that a thing?).

Maia Drazhar & Idra Drazhar & Mireän Drazhin & Ino Drazhin

I love what we see of them together! Anything with Maia and his cousin, really, maybe something with politics and/or something set five or ten years in the future?

Maia Drazhar & Vedero Drazhin

Again, I love the glimpses of their relationship we're given in the book, and I'd love to see more. Perhaps Maia and Vedero stargazing together? Or I'd love to see Vedero advising Maia about something, or even becoming one of his advisers eventually.

The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien

Art, fic

  • There aren't enough fics based on the Myths Transformed version of Middle-earth, and if that's something you'd like to explore, I'd love that, especially a more scientifically accurate (and sometimes, to my mind, a more tragic-and-dark-but-beautiful) vision of Middle-earth. (Other versions would also be wonderful, of course! This is just a specific thing I don't see much of.)
  • I love the fact that Tolkien's canon is a patchwork of different stories and mythologies, both in the Doylist and Watsonian sense, and fic exploring that would be wonderful.
  • Linked with the points above, I'm interested in lived vs. written stories, and Those Pesky Historians, and how unseen forces affect history.
  • Nature that comes alive.
  • The mortals and Elves/free will and destiny debate and the role of the Valar would be a wonderful thing to read about—I'd love exploration of any of the philosophical questions of Tolkien's world, really, but especially this, as detailed in the Athrabeth and writings about the role of the Valar.
  • All things Darkness and Light, really—I'm very fascinated by how these polar opposites work in Tolkien's world (and you can go back right to the beginning, to the Music, if you like), and how Arda is both grim and uplifting at the same time.
  • I love the way magic and power operate in Tolkien's world—the work he's done to make it believable is wonderful. Writing a green sun, indeed! Anything you can write about this would be welcome and much-adored.
  • I especially love the Ñoldor and Númenor, although every Age of Middle-earth holds my heart.
  • For interspecies relationships, I'd love to see an emphasis on otherness and trying to understand each other.

Aragorn & Éowyn

I would love to see Aragorn and Éowyn becoming friends post-LotR. Or if not friendship, the two of them getting along. (I'd also extra-adore seeing Aragorn and Éowyn riding off to war together!) And maybe laughing about Éowyn's infatuation with Aragor, because time has taken away the sting of that?

Arwen & Éowyn, Lothíriel & Arwen

Politics! Politics galore, please, and also queens finding themselves away from home and taking comfort from their peers, and having adventures, and ruling while their husbands are away. For Arwen & Éowyn especially, but both relationships, I'd also like a bit more about the Rohirrim (since Lothíriel becomes Queen of the Riddermark). I love horses, so if you could include equestrian detail in the fic that'd also be lovely.

Arwen & Gilraen

What does Arwen's mother-in-law think about her? Surely they must have spent time together in Rivendell, possibly in the years before Arwen was betrothed, but after Aragorn had gone away. How did they get on? Very well, or not at all? Did Aragorn's youthful crush result in mutual embarrassment? Or did they laugh over it? And I'd love advice, given and received, and also Elven vs. human perceptions of passing time.

Arwen Undómiel & Elrond Peredhel

I love what little we see of their relationship in the Appendices and the last part of LotR, and I just want more. I adore the bittersweet nature of their relationship. They do love each other very much, but they're parted from each other (and in Arwen's case from her whole family) until the end of Arda, which is very tragic. I'd love to see Arwen and Elrond at any point in time.

Arwen's Daughter & Arwen's Daughter

Arwen's daughters are not even names in the Appendices, so I'd love to see more about their lives. What do they love to do? What are their relationships with their other sibling(s, if Arwen has more than two daughters) and their parents like? What do they love doing, and what are they good at doing, and do those two things not necessarily overlap? Are they warriors, diplomats, scholars, or none of the above?

For art, especially I'd love it if you focused on the similarities and differences in their appearances. Maybe the two of them sparring, or dancing? (Or anything mirroring each other, really! Or maybe actual mirrors are involved?)

Éomer & Éowyn

Siblings with complicated relationships with each other <3. They love each other very much, but Éomer is very oblivious to Éowyn's desires and needs sometimes, so I imagine there's some reacquainting themselves with each other to be done post-RotK. Anything about that, maybe?

Or Éomer's and Éowyn's childhood, perhaps, the two of them playing together and/or riding together? Or maybe something a bit darker, when they're older?

Éowyn & Glorfindel

I'd love to see Glorfindel meeting the person who killed the Witch-King while at the same time fulfilling his prophecy. Mutual surprise/awe on both sides, perhaps? Maybe cultural differences? I'd just love to see the two of them meet.

Imrahil & Lothíriel

What is the relationship between Imrahil and Lothíriel like? I'd love to see Lothíriel's childhood, or see Lothíriel growing up, or perhaps Lothíriel bidding goodbye to her father as he goes off to war (and maybe she stays to defend Dol Amorth)? Or maybe something about Lothíriel's marriage to Éomer—perhaps Imrahil visiting Rohan and its Queen?

Éowyn & Morwen of Lossarnach

Morwen is seventeen years younger than Thengel, so I'd like to think that she would have been alive some time into Aragorn's reign—did Éowyn meet her after the war? Éowyn is said to have a 'grace and pride' that came from her grandmother, so something about their similarities, maybe?

Éowyn & Théodwyn

Théodwyn died when Éowyn was just seven years old, if I recall correctly, but I'd love to see Éowyn and Théodwyn spending time together, perhaps Théodwyn playing with Éowyn or teaching her to ride, before Théodwyn's death. Alternately, I'd also love to see Éowyn grieving for Théodwyn and how her death affects Éowyn. Or maybe an AU where Théodwyn doesn't die so soon?

Galadriel & Arwen Undómiel & Celebrían

Arwen with her female relatives! I'd love to see fluff and angst and relationship advice—perhaps Arwen coming to terms with her mortality? Or Arwen and Galadriel grieving for Celebrían? Or maybe the three of them spending time together, whether in Lórien or in Rivendell? My main request for these groupings is something bittersweet and not a completely unhappy ending, please.

Galadriel & Goldberry

Galadriel and Goldberry are two beings so different from each other and each very powerful in their own way—what would happen if they met? Something slightly eerie, please, something about magic and the roots of Middle-earth.

Galadriel & Nimrodel & Mithrellas

Did Galadriel meet Nimrodel and Mithrellas before Amroth decided to sail? Or did she meet them afterwards? Either way, I'd love to see them interacting—maybe something about Lórien, and Galadriel becoming the Lady of Lórien?

Gilraen & Faramir

An AU where Gilraen lives until after Aragorn is crowned, and she meets Faramir, perhaps? What would they make of each other? They seem to be very similar in certain ways, so maybe something about that? Or maybe something about the foresight they both have to an extent?

Goldberry & Mrs. Maggot

Has Goldberry ever wandered into the Shire, or did Mrs. Maggot (at whatever age, young or old), once brave the Old Forest? How do they interact, when they meet? Is Mrs. Maggot scared of Goldberry, or does she take her in her stride?

Hild & Helm's daughter

Helm's daughter and Hild could have died when Edoras was taken, but I like to think that they survived for some time, at least, in Dunharrow (although I'm not clear on whether that would've been probable) or in Hornburg. It would have been grim, either way, and I'd love to see something about finding hope in the midst of darkness, something bittersweet and uplifting. Or maybe happier times, Hild spending time with her niece before the Dunlendings came.

Ivorwen & Gilraen

Ivorwen's role as a seer in Dúnedain society. Politics, foresight, and their roles in Dúnedain society would be lovely, and maybe something about women in Dúnedain society. I'd love to see Gilraen and Ivorwen interacting, maybe talking, maybe working together on something—anything goes, really, as long as it features these two.

Malbeth & Fíriel of Gondor

Did Malbeth get to know Fíriel after she came to Arnor? (Was Malbeth perhaps part of Fíriel's household? Or did she have a position in court?) Maybe Malbeth welcoming Fíriel to Arnor? Or maybe something about Malbeth's foresight? Or maybe something about the later days of their lives?

Mithrellas & Gilmith

I recently dug into the dusty corners of UT which concern Mithrellas, and a fascination for this was the result. I'd love an exploration of Mithrellas' relationship with her children independent of her romantic life, but side Mithrellas/Nimrodel or Mithrellas/Imrazôr is fine, as long as it's not the main focus of the work. And what was Mithrellas like as a mother? Did she love her children or hate them, or was it more complicated?

The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien

Art, fic

  • There aren't enough fics based on the Myths Transformed version of Middle-earth, and if that's something you'd like to explore, I'd love that, especially a more scientifically accurate (and sometimes, to my mind, a more tragic-and-dark-but-beautiful) vision of Middle-earth. (Other versions would also be wonderful, of course! This is just a specific thing I don't see much of.)
  • I love the fact that Tolkien's canon is a patchwork of different stories and mythologies, both in the Doylist and Watsonian sense, and fic exploring that would be wonderful.
  • Linked with the points above, I'm interested in lived vs. written stories, and Those Pesky Historians, and how unseen forces affect history.
  • Nature that comes alive.
  • The mortals and Elves/free will and destiny debate and the role of the Valar would be a wonderful thing to read about—I'd love exploration of any of the philosophical questions of Tolkien's world, really, but especially this, as detailed in the Athrabeth and writings about the role of the Valar.
  • All things Darkness and Light, really—I'm very fascinated by how these polar opposites work in Tolkien's world (and you can go back right to the beginning, to the Music, if you like), and how Arda is both grim and uplifting at the same time.
  • I love the way magic and power operate in Tolkien's world—the work he's done to make it believable is wonderful. Writing a green sun, indeed! Anything you can write about this would be welcome and much-adored.
  • I especially love the Ñoldor and Númenor, although every Age of Middle-earth holds my heart.
  • For interspecies relationships, I'd love to see an emphasis on otherness and trying to understand each other.

Andreth & Adanel

We know that Adanel taught Andreth about the lore of the House of Marach, and I'd love to see more about that—was Andreth's bitterness partly influenced by Adanel's outlook? Or was Adanel more hopeful (and was younger Andreth more hopeful, too)? What is the lore that they won't share with Elves; what sort of secrets do the Edain Wise-women keep?

Aredhel & Fingolfin

What was the relationship between Fingolfin and Aredhel like, and how did it change over time? She was his only daughter, so something about that, maybe? Maybe the two of them in Valinor, or on the Ice? Or Aredhel in Beleriand during the Long Peace, maybe, visiting her father or riding out with him? Or maybe Aredhel and Fingolfin saying goodbye to each other before Aredhel leaves for Gondolin?

Aredhel & Fingon

I would love to see Aredhel and Fingon with each other, perhaps training together or riding together or hunting together or camping or bantering with each other. The two of them in Valinor, perhaps, maybe dealing with the upheavals that must have come with Fëanor's exile? Leading their people on the Helcaraxë? Spending time together in Beleriand? Maybe communicating with each other in some way after Fingolfin's death?

Aredhel & Írimë

I'd love Aredhel and Írimë laughing and bantering together in Valinor! Or, if you're in the mood for something darker, them during the Kinslaying (with bloodstained clothes or swords if you're an artist?). Or maybe something in Middle-earth, Aredhel saying goodbye to her aunt before leaving for Gondolin?

Aredhel & Original Female Character(s)

Aredhel bantering with her (female) friends, maybe, or trying (and failing) to navigate Gondolin and its complexities, but making a few friends along the way? Again, I'd love to see snark and banter and laughter, and mainly just Aredhel having fun! (Although angst, of course, is also much-appreciated.)

Aredhel & Turgon of Gondolin

Why did Aredhel go to Gondolin? Maybe Turgon and Aredhel spending time together in Gondolin? Or maybe something about how Aredhel convinced Turgon to let her leave Gondolin for a while?

Alternately, maybe the two of them in Valinor or on the Ice?

Elemmírë & Maglor

Female!Elemmírë would be wonderful, if you're so inclined, and I'd love to see Elemmírë and Maglor collaborating on something. All the music galore, please, and getting passionate and fighting with each other about music.

Elendil's wife & Tar-Míriel

Tar-Míriel aiding and abetting the Faithful! Meeting up with Elendil all the time is risky, but an old friend of the Queen's visiting and the two of them wanting privacy to talk together won't garner much attention...(Basically, I have a huge thing for Númenorean politics. That's it. That's the prompt.)

Elwing & Idril Celebrindal

Idril's and Elwing's stay at the Havens overlap, and perhaps Elwing learns about leadership from Idril? Or, what does Idril think of Elwing's relationship with her son? Or maybe Idril telling Elwing about the glory days of Beleriand?

Elwing & Nimloth of Doriath

I'd love to see Elwing and Nimloth interacting with each other in any way or form. Elwing's mother died when she was very young, but I'd love to see Nimloth with baby Elwing. Or maybe the two of them reuniting in Valinor after Nimloth is released from the Halls? Or maybe someone telling Elwing a story about her mother?

Emeldir & Morwen & Rían

I imagine young Morwen idolizing Emeldir. Maybe Emeldir teaching Morwen to fight, or telling Morwen a story, or Morwen watching Emeldir from afar? Or, when Morwen grows older, what does she think of Emeldir? Does she tell her children stories about Emeldir?

Fingolfin & Fingon & Aredhel & Turgon

(And Anairë and Argon too, if you want them here.) I'm interested in the dynamics between them, all the messy family tensions and quarrels and loving each other in spite of it all. Ñoldorin politics would be lovely, if that's your thing, and all the angst and bittersweet-ness and doom and gloom, please! Whatever timeline you choose is fine, whether in Valinor, on the Helcaraxë, or in Middle-earth. (No terrible father!Fingolfin, please. Him messing up is fine, but please don't make him an out-and-out asshole.)

Galadriel & Lúthien

We know that Galadriel was in Doriath during the First Age, so the two of them must have met. Maybe something about the fact that they're related? What do they make of each other? Maybe Lúthien teaching Galadriel some trick, or maybe the two of them enjoying themselves and teasing each other?

Haleth & Guardswoman

I'd love to see/read more about Haleth's contingent of warriors, perhaps crossing the Nan Dungorthreb together? Or a day in camp, or fighting Orcs? I'd adore seeing Haleth inspiring loyalty and devotion in her people!

Indis & Fingolfin

What sort of relationship do Indis and Fingolfin have? Is it strained, or are they close? I'd love to see them at a difficult moment—when things are getting tense in Tirion, perhaps, or just after swords being drawn in the Court or after Fëanor's sentence has been pronounced, or even after the Darkening. (Please no completely uncaring, indifferent versions of either Indis or Fingolfin!)

Írimë & Fingolfin

I'd adore seeing these two at any point. For more specific prompts, maybe post-Darkening, or while they're crossing the Helcaraxë, or in Middle-earth?I just want to see two siblings, maybe not completely happy, maybe squabbling and tense, but still family.

Morwen & Rían

Maybe something about Morwen's and Rían's childhood, perhaps something to do with Emeldir? Or, somehow these two sisters ended up marrying two brothers, so something about that, maybe? The days after their husbands rode out to war—something set during that period? Or Morwen grieving for Rían without actually knowing whether she's dead?

Silmariën & Isilmë

How do the two of them feel at being passed over for the throne in favour of their younger brother? Or what sort of childhood (and adolescence) do the princesses of the Line of Elros have? Later, when they're adults, do they visit each other?

Tar-Míriel & Original Handmaiden Character

Is the handmaiden of the Faithful (perhaps planted there by Elendil to help Tar-Míriel pass messages out of the palace?), is she a spy for Pharazôn who manipulates Míriel, or is she indifferent to the current political situation?

I'd love to see either quiet moments Míriel shares with her handmaiden(s), or something more political, perhaps, dealing with the latter days of Númenor and the rise of Pharazôn to power, or something set during Míriel's youth.

Tindómiel & Any Female Character

Exactly what it says on the tin! I'd love to see Tindómiel interacting with her mother, or with her niece Vardilmë, or her grand-nieces Yávien and Mairen, or an OFC, a friend or distant relative, or one of her brothers' wife.