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Fic Masterpost

This was originally supposed to go on Tumblr, but the formatting kept messing up, so...

Arranged according to fandom in internal chronological order.


Pairings and/or characters inside brackets. OCs/TGs referred to are—

  • Idhril (Lady of the Blue Brooch)

  • Elinda (Maglor's wife)

  • Araloth (Fingon's wife)

  • Istarnië (Elros' wife)

  • Niélë (Aredhel's lover)

  • Élinda (Modern times, luthier)

  • Zirân (Tar-Míriel's lover, Keeper of Gardens of the palace in Armenelos)


Detailed summary and warnings when you click links.


If a story is asterisked, I’ve written it before I got the hang of proper formatting. If it’s double asterisked, don’t read it. It’s here for archiving purposes only.


If something covers a long stretch, I’ve put it where it starts according to the internal chronology. If something covers the most or all of the timeline, I’ll put it near the beginning.


If something’s posted on multiple sites, there are links to all of them. SWG is Silmarillion Writers’ Guild, MPTT is Many Paths To Tread, AO3 is Archive of Our Own, FFn is FanFiction.Net, and LJ is LiveJournal)



Anne of Green Gables


*A Maple Leaf (FFn) (Una/Walter)


Avatar: The Last Airbender

I Hold With Those Who Favour Fire (AO3) (Azula/Ty Lee, Mai/Zuko, Mai-centric)

The Burden of Guilt (AO3) (Ursa-centric, The Search 'verse)


Code Lyoko

** What’s Kissing, Jeremie? (FFn) (Jeremie/Aelita)



Gakuen Alice

Stars and Snowfall (FFn) (Discontinued WIP) (Kuonji-centric)

*Yuka (FFn) (Yuka-centric)

**The Boy in the Dungeon (FFn) (Persona and Izumi)

*Stars (FFn) (Persona and Izumi)

Black is a Color (FFn) (Narumi/Yuka, Narumi-centric)

*Letters (FFn) (Narumi/Yuka)

Best Friends (FFn) (Luna and Yuka, Luna-centric)

if we could only have this life (AO3) (Kaname/Tsubasa, Kaname-centric)

feel a little unsteady (FFn) (Kaname/Tsubasa)

*Fake (FFn) (Narumi/Yuka, Narumi-centric)

**Shadows of the Past (FFn) (Sakurano and Imai (Subaro))

I Can’t Look At The Stars (AO3) (Shiki/Yuka, Shiki-centric)

Sometimes It’s Too Late (AO3//FFn) (Luna/Yuka, Luna-centric)

Empty Promises (FFn) (Mikan/Natsume)

Gone (FFn) (Mikan/Natsume)



One Direction & Zayn Malik

Coffee, Confessions, and Other Trials of Being a Secret Service Agent (AO3) (Harry Styles/Zayn Malik)



The Hunger Games

Seeing Things (AO3) (Annie/Finnick, Annie-centric)



Star Wars

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away (SWG//AO3) (Fingon/Maedhros, Fingon, Luke, and Maedhros, Star Wars and Silmarillion fusion)



The Tolkien Legendarium

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away (SWG//AO3) (Fingon/Maedhros, Fingon, Luke, and Maedhros, Star Wars and Silmarillion fusion)

The Dancer (SWG//AO3) (Nessa)

Sons of Stone (SWG//AO3//FFn) (Aulë and the Dwarves)

Until the End of Arda (SWG//AO3) (Vairë/Míriel)

Noldolantë (SWG//LJ//AO3) (Fingon/Maedhros)

What You Mean To Me (SWG//AO3) (Fingon/Maedhros)

**Comparison (LJ) (Fingon/Maedhros, Maedhros-centric)

Too Strong a God (SWG//AO3) (Fingon/Maedhros, Vairë- and Maglor-centric)

A Slow, Tremulous Cadence (SWG//AO3) (Maedhros/Fingon, Maedhros, Fingon, Araloth)

An Ordinary Abrasion (SWG//MPTT//AO3)

Not The Last Farewell (SWG//AO3) (Elemmírë/Írimë)

What Comfort I May (SWG//AO3) (Aredhel/Niélë, Aredhel/Elenwë)

**Into the Night (FFn) (Fëanor and his sons)

The Stars are Gone (SWG//AO3) (Fingon/Maedhros, Fingon and Turgon)

Sing With The Land (SWG//AO3//FFn) (Avari)

The Mystery of the Missing Cake (LJ//SWG//MPTT//AO3) (Idril, Aredhel, and Meleth)

Pale Stars Rising (Over The Oaks) (SWG//AO3) (Haleth/Goldberry)

No Tools To Forget (SWG//AO3) (Aredhel/Niélë, Aredhel-centric)

Not Love, Perhaps (SWG//AO3) (Haleth/Unnamed female warrior)

Tall and Bright and the Wind in Her Hair (SWG//AO3) (Galadriel/Andreth)

Dust Clouds (SWG//LJ//AO3) (Beren/Lúthien, Lúthien-centric)

An Oath Once Sworn (SWG//MPTT//AO3) (Fingon/Maedhros, Fingon and Araloth)

Red As Blood (SWG) (Maedhros)

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (SWG//AO3) (Finduilas/Nienor, Finduilas-centric)

Cúthalion (AO3//FFn) (Túrin)

The Land of the Dead That Live (SWG//AO3) (Beren/Lúthien)

Ownership Rights (SWG//AO3) (Maedhros and Maglor)

First Meetings (SWG//AO3) (Elros and Istarnië)

And So Say The Laws (SWG//AO3) (Indis/Nerdanel)

Almarë Eruo (LJ//SWG//AO3) (Elros/Istarnië)

Bright are the Windows of Night in Her Tower (SWG//AO3) (Goldberry/Nellas)

Like Mother, Like Daughter (SWG//AO3) (Erendis/Uinen, Tar-Ancalimë/Nessanië)

The Queen and Her Consort (LJ//SWG//AO3) (Tar-Vanimeldë/Herucalmo, Tar-Vanimeldë-centric)

An Orchid on the Salt White Beach (SWG//AO3) (Tar-Míriel/Zirân, Tar-Míriel-centric)

**A Lament for Númenor (FFn) (Elendil)

The Selfish King (SWG//AO3) (Gil-galad and Elrond)

Butterfly Wings (LJ//SWG//AO3) (Idhril and Goldberry)

Taking the Endless Way (SWG//AO3) (Idhril/Goldberry)

Voices of the Sea (SWG//AO3) (Mithrellas/Nimrodel, Mithrellas-centric)

This Last Embrace (SWG//AO3) (Gilmith and Uinen)

Holes for Sale (LJ//AO3) (Hobbits)

Playing Games (LJ//AO3) (Unnamed female Orc and unnamed Gondorian noblewoman, female Orc-centric)

**Waiting for Hope (FFn) (Arwen/Aragorn, Arwen-centric)

**Denial (FFn) (Arwen/Aragorn, Arwen-centric)

I Send You This (AO3) (Arwen/Gilraen, epistolary fic)

**A Song of Brothers (FFn) (Faramir and Boromir)

Whispers in the Dark (AO3//FFn) (Boromir and the One Ring)

The Master of Mirecourt (SWG//MPTT//AO3) (Élinda and Maglor)