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This was originally supposed to go on Tumblr, but the formatting kept messing up, so...

Arranged according to fandom in internal chronological order.


Pairings and/or characters inside brackets. OCs/TGs referred to are—

  • Idhril (Lady of the Blue Brooch)

  • Elinda (Maglor's wife)

  • Araloth (Fingon's wife)

  • Istarnië (Elros' wife)

  • Niélë (Aredhel's lover)

  • Élinda (Modern times, luthier)

  • Zirân (Tar-Míriel's lover, Keeper of Gardens of the palace in Armenelos)


Detailed summary and warnings when you click links.


If a story is asterisked, I’ve written it before I got the hang of proper formatting. If it’s double asterisked, don’t read it. It’s here for archiving purposes only.


If something covers a long stretch, I’ve put it where it starts according to the internal chronology. If something covers the most or all of the timeline, I’ll put it near the beginning.


If something’s posted on multiple sites, there are links to all of them. SWG is Silmarillion Writers’ Guild, MPTT is Many Paths To Tread, AO3 is Archive of Our Own, FFn is FanFiction.Net, and LJ is LiveJournal)



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On the Ice, Aredhel remembers her lover.

Words: 916
Rating: Mature
Warnings: major character death, violence, some homophobia. Additional warnings can be found at the bottom of the fic.

So, I drew some numbers in @silmladylove‘s Tolkien Femslash Lottery last December, but life intervened, and I wasn't able to write anything at that time. But I finally got around to it!

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Here be my constantly-being-updated list of fills for Tolkien Femslash Week's Femslash Bingo.

Bingo Squares
The Princess and the Forest (AO3)
Lothíriel/Yavanna, Adult
Crack Pairings, O43 (Lothíriel/Yavanna)

Sister (AO3
Daughter of Arwen/Daughter of Arwen, Mature (with sibling incest and incest kink)
Textual Ghosts, N22 (daughters of Arwen); Formats and Genres, I12 (true drabble)

Lessons in Clay
Indis/Nerdanel, Teens
Emotions, O37 (defeat)

Contrapunto (SWG//AO3)
Ilmarë/Thuringwethil, Teens

Emotions, N22 (kindness); Lyrics and poetry, O37 ("Bring wings to the weak and bring grace to the strong/May all evil stumble as it flies in the world" – Janelle Monae); Book Titles, N22 ("Fall On Your Knees")


Tolkien Quotes, N22 (“…and Indis hath my love.”); Formats, O37 (edit )

Non-Bingo-Square Fulfilling
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My bingo cards for the SWG/silmladylove Tolkien Femslash Week! I may or may not have gone a little overboard.

I'm tentative about the art and format cards--I'm new to digital art, but am determined to put my shiny new graphics tablet to use, and I have't tried most of the formats, so that'll be interesting. I'm also determined to go through the review/rec card and review and rec as many fics as possible, whether or not they count towards my bingo--and hopefully fics which I've never read before!
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 (Or, Wave can't be bothered to repeat the same thing over and over again in exchange letters, so here's a never-going-to-stop-being-updated fancast as a reference point for art)

Tolkien Fancast )
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