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Dear RarePair Creator

Hello and welcome, dearest creator!

I am so, so happy we've matched and overjoyed that you're making art or fic for me for one of my tiny rarepairs!

First, please note that if you've written/drawn a pairing for me before and I've requested it again and prompted the same thing as before, that definitely does not mean I don't like it! I just always want moarr art and fic for my pairings. Also, I would love anything from G-rated to explicit fic/art!

My prompts are slightly more fic-geared than art-geared (although most of them are hopefully general enough to apply to both), because, in art, I like a lot of the same thing for multiple relationships; I've included a separate section for general art prompts at the beginning of the letter. And I know that some of my prompts are longer than others, but that's mostly because for some prompts, I know exactly what I want to say, but for others, I ramble a lot—it's a problem with wording! I would love fic and art for any of the relationships I've requested equally. Also, the prompts I've given for relationships are by no means the only things I'd like to see! You can follow them or not as you wish; hopefully, I've given enough general prompts, too.

If you want to know more about me , I’m

[ profile] The_Wavesinger, [ profile] the-wavesinger and The Wavesinger (Silmarillion Writers’ Guild) on my fannish haunts. You can also find me here on DW, and as [ profile] the_wavesinger on LJ, but I don’t frequent those places often. If you want more on my fic preferences (however unlikely that is, after this very long letter!), my fic rec tag on Tumblr and my AO3 bookmarks may be of some use, and for art, my art and fan art tags on Tumblr may be of some use. You may also want to poke through my previous exchange letters, for both fic and art. And, of course, you can comment anonymously on this post or leave an anonymous ask on my Tumblr if you want to know more.



  • Gore/guro/vore.
  • Necrophilia, bestiality.
  • Torture of animals. (Humans/humanoids/other sapients being tortured is more than fine!)
  • Graphic descriptions of nausea/vomiting for fic, and for art, no nausea/vomiting at all, please.
  • (Fic) Reader inserts.
  • Mundane AUs.
  • (Fic) A/B/O.
  • Cis men becoming pregnant.
  • Crossovers/fusions between fandoms I haven't asked for. (Crossover within any fandom in my letter or previous exchange letters, along with mythology and folklore, are more than fine!)
  • (Fic) Fics which are all fluff are not my thing. Which isn't to say I don't like fluff; I just prefer fic that isn't 100% fluff, and fluff with a dose of conflict and/or banter!
  • Love at first sight is not my favourite thing. It's mostly to do with the fluff limit, so if you add complications, then I'm more than fine with it!
  • (Fic) AUs with modern settings are no-no’s unless there’s a reasonable canon explanation (eg-: Tolkien, people cursed to be reborn again and again into mortal forms) and that only in Tolkien. Even then, please no high school or coffee shop AUs.
  • Please no age regression, de-ageing, or AUs in which one character is suddenly older than a previously older-than-them character (ageswap?).
  • For smut, I'd prefer not to see bloodplay, scat, watersports, and age play, and any sort of permanent marking/scarring (scarring and permanent markings outside smut is perfectly fine) unless I've prompted these things for the specific pairing.
  • F/M smut unless specifically requested.
  • Parent/child incest and other intergenereational incest, unless specifically requested.
  • Unrequested noncon as the focus of the work. Noncon which isn't the focus of the work is fine, as is noncon as the focus when I've specifically requested it. And dubcon is always welcome!
  • (Fic) H/C fics centering on characters with depression and/or anxiety, and/or characters who self-harm or have eating disorders are not my favourite thing. (All of these things are more than fine in art and non-H/C fic, but not as things which can be hugged/cuddled better, please.)
  • Genderswap which makes F/F or M/M canon pairings or F/F or M/M pairings I've requested F/M.


General Likes:

  • Angst. Drama. Politics. Tragedy.
  • Philosophical ponderings!
  • I love canon divergence AUs, and other ‘what-if’ scenarios.
  • All the hard questions with no answers, characters trapped in unsolvable dilemmas, loss and grief and moving on.
  • Soulmates! Not necessarily soulmate AUs (although that'd be more than fine), but soulmates as in 'I knew you the moment I saw you', or 'I felt you in my soul' or any other version of that—the electric connection is something I adore. Soulmate things I love include in every version of every reality, in another life, fated to be separated again and again.
  • Stoic and/or emotionally incompetent characters
  • Fake dating within the canon setting.
  • In-world mythology.
  • I have A Thing for sister/sister, and focusing on the sister aspects of the relationship—how they're alike and how they're different, and just how they're sisters.
  • Gallows humour, and humour in otherwise dark situations generally.
  • Battle couples!
  • Lovers to enemies
  • Cultural differences and clashes that occur due to cultural differences.
  • I adore OFCs and textual ghosts, for many, many reasons.
  • I'm more than fine with most side relationships, unless stated otherwise.
  • Genderbending! I always love Rule 63'd characters.
  • Open relationships! Threesomes! Moresomes! (Non-explicit) orgies!
  • Transgender characters would be amazing, as would non-binary characters and just fucking with and/or ignoring traditional gender roles in general.
In fic:
  • I like relationships that are fated to end in tragedy, but I also like a pinch of humor with my angst.
  • All the things that could've happened, but didn't.
  • Characters who and relationships which fall just short of the mark, the almost-most-not-quite. I think the closest word to this would be hamartia in its original sense?
  • Again, canon divergence AUs, and For Want Of A Nail and what-if scenarios. I'd love both longer fic and snapshots of what could have been, all the things that could've happened, but didn't.
  • Hurt, and not necessarily comfort.
  • Fucked-up families and messy friendships which really, really aren't good for the characters, but they love each other very much anyway. I don't mind either characters finding ways to move past the fucked-upness and the relationships end up flourishing, or moving past fucked-up-ness and leaving what they don't want behind, but I also don't mind a constant cycle of messing up.
  • Found families!
  • Intense friendships which play a central role in the characters' lives.
  • For longer works, plotty fics are always welcome!
  • Characters finding ways to come to terms with themselves, with their pasts, and with their loved ones and/or finding their place in the world (think Circle of Life).
  • Characters who're broken, characters who're tired, characters who're lost, characters who refuse to be found, characters who're hurt over and over again, characters who never ever win, characters who've given up. And characters who love, characters who give, characters who're selfless and kind even after everything they've been through, characters who give their all and then some more to people they love, characters who never give up, characters who keep on hoping and keep on fighting even beyond the bitter end. And characters who're a mixture of both types.
  • I like all kinds of fic, so go wild—linear narrative, flashbacks, epistolary…whatever you think of is lovely, the more daring the better. I especially adore faux-historical documents.
  • I love characters with flaws and unpleasant qualities! Awesome ladies can be awesome and flawed :).
  • Characters teasing and bantering with each other.
  • I don’t mind any type of POV (including second person!). In fact, POV switches and outside POVs on relationships would be lovely.
  • Time travel and time loops, especially timefuckery where everything is fucked up!
  • Competence porn!
  • I also adore people being messes and general failboats, because, uh, contradictions?
  • I have zero problems with fics dealing with misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism etc. I like realism, but not overly-depressing fics or fics centered on issues at the expense of characterization. (I define 'overly-depressing' as continuous angst focusing on Issues and Only Issues.)
In art:
  • I adore all kinds of jewellery—the more elaborate the better!
  • And elaborate hairdos! And elaborate costumes!
  • I do, however, also enjoy seeing characters in their workaday attire, doing everyday things.
  • Characters with visible height differences from each other!
  • Elaborate weapons
  • Court settings with pomp and circumstance or everyday life are both things I enjoy seeing.
  • Studies in opposites
  • Limited palettes
  • Characters of color! (Racebending is awesome, too.)
  • Non-traditional art mediums would be welcome.
In smut:
  • I will always want F/F or M/M smut, even if I haven't explicitly requested it!
  • I prefer sensuality, emotions, and a focus on physical sensation to insert-tab-A-into-slot-B and graphic anatomical descriptions. Anything from playful to creepy is more than fine (although there are a few things I'd prefer not to see, as outlined in the kink DNWs).
  • Helplessness and humiliation. These are the two main things I love in kinky smut, and everything else derives from there.
  • Bantering and laughing during sex is lovely, as is gentleness.
  • And banter between the dom and the sub in D/s scenes (which can edge towards slightly cruel on the dom's part!).
  • Angry sex, smut that gives off vibes of slightly creepy but in a way that can't be pinpointed
  • Dubcon and emotional manipulation!
  • Explorations of power dynamics. I especially like service submission, and power dynamics based on the characters' titles/positions! (I do confess to having a kink for honorifics and titles!)
  • Doms having control over the sub's everyday minutiae (although for short periods of time—24/7/365 high-protocol D/s is a turn-off)
  • Punishment play, especially unusual forms of discipline! (I don't like erotic spanking in and of itself, but spanking as punishment is great!)
  • Tickling! Both playful tickling and tickle torture (bondage + tickling = yessss)!
  • Gags and other ways to prevent speech. And weirdly specific, but fingers of one character in the other's mouth.
  • Orgasm denial, especially chastity devices.
  • Fuck-or-die scenarios, especially for Star Wars.
  • Creative bondage (including predicament bondage. No, strike that, especially predicament bondage, and especially if the predicament is partly psychological).
  • (Not really a like, but I'm afraid my AO3 bookmarks won't say much about my smut likes, because I have a separate account for smutty bookmarks. Sorry.)
In darker fic:
  • Dark places and enchantments which entrap people without their knowledge
  • Getting lost in creepy surroundings
  • Corruption and decay
  • Explorations of the darker side of magic (or its equivalent), especially magic that's considered 'good'.
  • Exploration of the supernatural aspects of the canons.
  • Nature being eerily alive and dangerous.
  • Child soldiers, trauma, and really ugly, messy wars.
  • Characters trapped in vicious cycles.
  • Characters who think they're 'not good enough' for their partner(s).
  • Situations where characters are blackmailed/coerced into doing things they don't want to do.
  • Fucked-up families and friendships and relationships; people codependent to the point of almost-insanity, and far beyond anything healthy.
  • Looking into messed-up characters' thought processes.
  • Terrible things being done in the name of good by characters who see themselves as good.
  • Perversion of the 'good' side of magic to do evil things.
  • Mindfucks and powerplay.
  • Torture for the sake of torture, and characters being stoic through torture.
  • Relationships where one characters is in love, but the other isn't.
  • Partners doing terrible things to each other.
  • Characters who hate themselves and lash out at the world and do fucked-up things as a result.
  • Really, really dark stories which end in the 'everyone dying' sort of tragedy.
  • AUs where everything goes wrong.
In non-darkfic:
  • Bittersweetness.
  • Characters dancing and spending time outdoors.
  • Characters in situations that shouldn't be funny, but are.
  • Characters who're comfortable around each other, and who tease and laugh with each other.
  • Slice-of-life fics and, for relationships, a look at all the quirks/annoyances of cohabitation.
  • Banter! I feel like I've repeated this a million times in this letter, but I adore banter!
  • Casual situations and everyday annoyances
  • Characters playing pranks on each other.
  • Generally over-the-top things played straight.
  • Drama interspersed with humor.
  • Characters sleeping on each other, making out for hours, drinking from the same cup, and generally being adorable!
  • Characters solving mysteries and going on journeys together!
  • Starlight and warm colors and pastels for art.


Art prompts:

  • Characters doing things they love together
  • Ceremonies and events (coronations, balls, feasts, weddings etc.)
  • Characters arguing or debating with each other.
  • Characters passionate with and about each other and about things they love
  • Characters fighting and having each other's backs!
  • Characters fighting and having each other's backs, and, for A:TLA, bending!
  • Characters facing each other across the battlefield (especially lovers-turned-enemies)
  • Gift-giving, both literal and metaphorical
  • Characters who look messy and/or rumpled and tired and way too fucking busy why is this my life
  • Characters in a private moment
  • Casually intimate gestures
  • Kneeling and hand-kissing for pairings where I specify loyalty kink
  • Forehead kissing!
  • Day-to-day activities (eating, bathing, morning rituals etc.)
  • Characters being cheesy or tender or dorky or awkward with each other (or all or some of these!).
  • All the smutty things I've indicated in the smut section! For art especially, a visual focus on power difference (standing/kneeling, clothed/unclothed etc.), looking well-fucked and/or humiliated, straining against bondage, decorative bondage.


Art, fic

  • I love the mix of darkness and humor in A:TLA—it's one of my favourite things about it. Also how deeply fucked up it is. Give me all the fucked-up childhoods and child soldiers and dictators! Fucked-up childhoods especially are a Thing for me.
  • Bending! Bending is another wonderful thing, and I'd love explorations of the hows and whys of bending for fic. And for art, bending and the elements and all the different fighting styles Exploring the roots of bending, having fun with bending, the darker side of bending—I'd adore it all!
  • Spirits and the supernatural and all the otherwordly aspects of the A:TLA world! I especially love the spirits' inability to distinguish between different humans.
  • Worldbuilding—the past of the A:TLA world and the politics of said world are things I always love to see being explored.
  • I love the character arcs for basically all the characters, and I'd adore something set in the future, because I want to see what happens to them! Bridging the gap between A:TLA and LoK would be particularly lovely.
  • Speaking of LoK, LoK and A:TLA sometimes have wildly different interpretations of events (lion-turtles and the origin of the Avatar comes to mind), so something about that, maybe?


Azula/Mai/Ty Lee, Azula/Ty Lee
Dark ships of my heart! And by dark, I mean dark. Dubcon, powerplay, mindfucks—throw them all at me, and I'd love it! Loyalty, of course, and tests of loyalty, and tragedy and betrayal, and anger and passion and also auras, and I just want dark, dark fic and art.
How did the they become lovers? Was it a twisted test of obedience or did they really love each other, or both? What would happen to Ty Lee (and Mai if OT3), who betrayed Azula, if the Fire Nation emerged victorious after Sozin's Comet? Does Azula get visitors post-canon, and are those visitors Ty Lee and/or Mai? If you follow comics canon, I would also love anything exploring the events of the comics, too. Or, for smut, playing dangerously with fire, and smutty tests of loyalty. (This is a thing for me for these two pairings, hushhhh.)
For art: Azula making Ty Lee (+ Mai) stand still while she runs flame (she controls the heat of) over them? Or post-canon, meeting each other again (side 'ships are fine) and fucked-up things in that direction? Or something showing their childhoods?

(I'd also love Kanna/Yugoda/Pakku, but this is 100% optional and I'd adore Kanna/Yugoda on its own very, very much!)
Pakku wasn't the only one who missed Kanna, and who loved her; Yugoda loved her too. Kanna and Yugoda, or the three of them, finding each other again, (and Kanna surprised but pleased at how much Pakku's changed if Kanna/Yugoda/Pakku), and falling in love all over again. Or the aftermath of Kanna's escape from the North Pole, and Yugoda's feelings of betrayal? Or maybe something about Kanna's girlhood, and Yugoda and Kanna's first meeting and falling in love? Or do they only fall for each other after the events of The Siege of the North and Yugoda somehow making her way to the South Pole? Either way, I'd love something bittersweet and gentle, with lots of angst
For art, I'd love something to do with ice or water, maybe them on a boat weaving in between ice floes? Or their first meeting, or when they meet again? Or just the two of them cuddling in furs!

Sisters-in-arms (except with a lot more romance ;))! Katara and Suki fighting together, living together, loving together. Kick-ass women kicking ass, action, adventure! And all the bittersweet fluffiness is also lovely. (Post-canon getting together would be wonderful—it can always be after Aang's death, just before LoK, if you don't want to break Katara and Aang up, or maybe after Tenzin's born?)
I would love to see Katara fighting with/training with the Kyoshi Warriors, because the two of them hit all my battle couple kinks hard. Or maybe Katara and Suki sparring? Or Katara and Suki navigating the politics of the post-A:tLA world (and maybe not being very good at it, especially Katara, because she's a warrior dammit not a diplomat? Although competence kink would be great too)? And, of course, all the smut, because honestly I love the two of them for their prettiness and they are double the gorgeous together.

We know Katara has a special connection to the moon (and I resisted making a joke out of it! So proud of myself), and it's not difficult to extrapolate from there! Yue visiting Katara in her dreams, maybe and dreamsex? Or Katara visiting the Spirit Oasis post-canon, and communing with the moon? Or post-Hama, how does Katara thank Yue? Either way, I'd love something about the moon and about waterbending, please!
Or maybe an AU where Yue falls for Katara instead of Sokka? Would that end the same way as it did in canon? Would Katara's lover watch over her (more closely than in canon, even!) and protect her?
And for smut: incorporeal sex? (With Yue not having a proper body or Katara in the Spirit World) Or waterbending + sex, or the power that must be involved when the Moon Spirit orgasms!

How do Avatars adapt to being thrust into a world of alien cultures and people, and regarded as a god among them? How do they react to this, by clinging tighter to their culture and heritage or letting it go altogether? Does Kyoshi turn to her past lives? How does she get on with Yangchen? Does she like her or is she annoyed by her? What does she think of Yangchen's advice and how Yangchen lived her life? And, in the afterlife, do they bond? Basically, I'd love culture clashes and cultural exploration, and a journey to find balance.
Hatesex because they're so different from each other? Does Yangchen teach Kyoshi and punish her when she does something wrong and does it devolve into sex? Do either of them use their Avatar powers for sex?
For art, the Spirit World! I'd love to see Yangchen and Kyoshi after their deaths, or Kyoshi communing with Yangchen while she's Avatar. More specific prompt: how does kissing work when one or both partners are incorporeal?

Spirit World shenanigans! I'm sure that Raava communicates (*cough cough*) not only with Avatars present, but with Avatars past too! I'd love to see something about the role of the Avatar, and what Kyoshi's and Yangchen's views of that are, and what Raava's views are. Culture clashes, basically, and misunderstandings based on the fact that one of them is an extremely powerful spirit who used to live in their bodies, and the other two are humans, albeit dead humans from two completely different cultures.
And spiritual connections and Raava using her powers for the greater good to pleasure her lovers! And, again, incorporeal sex. And maybe tentacles?
For art, Raava isn't always as massive as in LoK, right? And how, exactly, do the three of them interact in the Spirit World? Or the Avatar Spirit facilitating communication between Kyoshi and Yangchen? Or, what does Raava + Kyoshi and Yangchen + smut look like? I would love to see the mechanics of this pairing!

Something angsty for both fic and art, please, or bittersweet, or completely, utterly, fucked up. Unrequited love or mutual pining that's never resolved in more than fine with me, and, for fic, questions about loyalty and what being the Avatar means, and maybe some Fire Nation culture/lore.
What did Roku's and Sozin's childhood look like? Were they lovers as boys, or did they fumble with each other and explore but not really talk about their feelings? Did they train together? Did they communicate in any way at all after Roku became Avatar—were there unwritten letters and sleepless nights?
For art, I'd love flames and fire—they're both firebenders, after all! And maybe dragons, too? Or the two of them sharing each other's company before Roku is chosen as Avatar. Or maybe Sozin and Roku facing each other or thinking of each other after everything goes wrong?

Suki/Ty Lee, Sokka/Suki/Ty Lee
For these two, or these three, I'd love 'Ty Lee joins the Kyoshi Warriors'. Past Azula/Ty Lee would be an added bonus, of course, and I'd love a gentle fic about grief and loss. Hurt/comfort would be lovely, as would a bittersweet tone, and mutual support and bonding. How does day-to-day life in the Kyoshi Warriors work? Are there any initiation rituals? If OT3, how do they fit Ty Lee into their already-existing relationship?
Or an AU where they remain enemies? How would that work? Does Ty Lee take Suki (+ Sokka) prisoner, or is it the other way around? Or do they keep facing each other in battle and flirting until they somehow fall into bed together?
For art, them being dorky together and/or fighting together. If you're doing Sokka/Suki/Ty Lee, my wild-and-throwing-it-out-there prompt is all three of them in the Kyoshi Warriors uniform?

Ursa/Female Dragon
Okay, fine. Most of my A:TLA 'ships for this exchange are crackships can you not hear me crying 'porn with plot' here. But hear me out! Ran and Sho (Shaw? The Wiki says 'Shaw', but it looks weird) may not be the only dragons alive—maybe one or two dragons survived on some far distant island? And maybe Ursa, once she's exiled, visits those far distant islands? (Comicsverse ignoring is great! Or you can make it comic-compliant, maybe something with the Blue Dragon? I'm not bothered either way.) And, um, oviposition and tails being involved in sex and biting and fire?
For art, I'd love to see the dragon curled around Ursa! Or the dragon gently breathing fire over Ursa! Or Ursa flying on the dragon, or the two of them firebending together. Or, if you want to make it smutty, how does dragon-on-human work? Is there penetration by tail and oviposition? Or, the even-more-ODAO-than-the-other-optional-details request: Ursa pregnant with the dragon's eggs/children?

Crossover Fandom

  • I'd love either crossovers or fusions, and either way, worldbuilding! Especially for crossovers, I'd adore seeing how characters end up in each other's worlds (or how the worlds co-exist).
  • I've talked about what I like about A:TLA, Harry Potter, Tolkien fandoms (and I'm including Smith of Wootton Major there, because the atmosphere is similar), and Star Wars in those fandom sections, but for the other fandoms, I'm going to just outline a little bit of what I like (with the exception the Odyssey; I've talked about that in the Erendis/Penelope section).
  • His Dark Materials:
      li>Holes between worlds! Holes between worlds have such huge potential, and I'd love to see that explored.
    • Heaven starting on Earth. I'm not fond of religion-bashing—agnostic myself, but live and let live and all that—but heaven starting on Earth is a wonderful truth, and I'd love any exploration of that.
    • Grand, multiverse-scale wars, and people willing to die for their ideals are so very iddy for me!
  • Kingsman:
    • I love the combination of over-the-top-crack and seriousness, and either/or works for me just fine.
    • Smooth, suave agents kicking ass! I love the Bond-style sleekness and how very British it all is.
    • I love the spy element, and missions, and what Kingsmen do, and basically the day-to-day running of the agency.
    • Harry living and becoming Arthur. Need I say more?
    • I'm also interested in the lives of the people behind the scenes, especially that of, say, female technicians or mechanics etc.
    • The political side of Kingsman, kingmaking and other things we never get to see.
  • Narnia:
    • Kings and queens, and all the trappings of monarchy!
    • What happens post-Last Battle? I'm especially interested in how Susan deals with it.
    • Narnian politics and how Aslan comes into play in that.
    • Explorations of 'once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen of Narnia'.
    • Does what happens in Narnia affect the real world? And if so, how?

Erendis (Silmarillion)/Penelope (Odyssey)
The main thing I love about the tragic Greek hero is the concept of the fatal flaw, and I'm a little bit annoyed there isn't much exploration of that with women. I also adore tragedy in all its various forms.
The similarities here are obvious, and to be honest, I was thinking of something cracky with the two of them going fuck their husbands and banging, but if you could get a serious premise to work, that would be wonderful, too. The worldbuilding is slightly iffy here, and either handwaving or whatever elaborate explanation you come up with would be lovely!
And I love that the stories told about both of these women must have changed over time (in real life for Penelope, obviously, but also within Middle-earth for Erendis), so something about that, maybe? (And something about distortion, maybe, because after all, men have had the pen in their hands for the longest time)

Erendis (Silmarillion)/Queen of Faerie (Smith of Wootton Major)
Who was the Queen of Faerie? Was she part of Arda or from a completely different world? How did Erendis find her way to her? Are their spells and enchantments (and immortality!) involved? Or does Erendis stay of her own will?
I'd love something about the star of Faerie and Erendis being 'Lady of the Star-brow'—there's a very obvious connection there. Was she the first Starbrow? Or is she the Queen of Faerie, and these are selfcest shenanigans? And if so, how did she acquire her Queen-ness?
And the grim, dark images that Smith sees of warriors coming back from the Marches etc.—perhaps something about that? Does Erendis go out and fight? Or maybe her watching the warriors come back, or getting into arguments with the Queen, because do we really need to send the warriors out, if we ignore the dark will it ignore us right back?

Goldberry (LotR)/Haleth (Silmarillion)
I see Goldberry as a sort of Middle-earth Calypso, doomed to fall in love with women who can't stay, for crimes which may or may not be mentioned, but that's just my interpretation, and I'd love to see your take on how this happens! I'd love to see enchantment and a moment stolen in time, maybe something gentle and bittersweet.
Does Haleth meet (and fall for) Goldberry in Brethil, or was it earlier in Thargelion, or even earlier before the Haladin crossed the Blue Mountains? I'd love to see either older, battle-hardened Haleth or a younger Haleth and her reaction to meeting Goldberry—who is unlike anyone Haleth has ever met, probably.
And, of course, for this relationship there is mortality and immortality and the fact that the two of them will view the world very differently from each other, and the fact that, eventually, Haleth will die and Goldberry won't, so something about any of that, maybe? (Or maybe Goldberry coming upon Haudh-en-Arwen later in the Age, and something about that?)

Goldberry (LotR)/Pomona Sprout (Harry Potter), Pomona Sprout (Harry Potter)/Yavanna (Silmarillion)
Two people (well, a witch and an Ainu/whatever you think Goldberry is) who love the earth! (And I wouldn't mind Pomona/Goldberry/Yavanna at all, if you want!)
We know that Yavanna tended to the 'small and secret things', and was one of the few Valar to go to Middle-earth—and maybe she still does, in spite of the Hiding of Valinor? And, again, my Calypso!Goldberry headcanon is a thing, and Pomona is the next person Goldberry falls for?
Or perhaps Pomona wandered the world when she was younger, and met a mysterious woman, or maybe her lover visits Professor Sprout at night, in the Forbidden Forest.
Whatever way you choose to spin this is wonderful! And if you feel like something smutty, maybe some sort of sex magic, possible involving aphrodisiacs or maybe vines, or shifting earth? Or, smutty or non-smutty, I'd love to see how the magic of the Harry Potter world and the more elemental and unexplainable power of Middle-earth mesh (and that sort of melding may not always end well?).

Roxy Morton (Kingsman)/Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter), Roxy Morton (Kingsman)/Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)
(And, again, I wouldn't be opposed to threesomes!)
I'm sure the Ministry of Magic must know of Kingsman, and maybe they need a liaison? Or is Roxy a witch from an old family who decides to do something different? I can imagine all kinds of wacky scenarios that lead to these two meeting, so go wild!
For either pairing, there would probably be some sort of age gap, so something playing with that, maybe? Or, Roxy is much posher than either Tonks or Ginny, and both Tonks and Ginny might instinctively dislike her because of that—maybe them clashing because of that, and possible hatesex?
Or perhaps Roxy's goals and the goals of witch(es) don't align, and maybe they're even fighting against each other?
Or I'd love their differ to see their different fighting styles, and the two (or three!) ending up fighting bad guys together and saving the world. Or just Kingsman-style shenanigans. Or snarking at each other and all sorts of banter. Or trying to impress each other and going ridiculously over-the-top. Or—you get my point, don't you?

Susan Pevensie (Narnia)/Goldberry (LotR)
'Stumbling upon strange women' seems to be a theme for my crossover pairings and for my Goldberry pairings too! Susan meeting Goldberry, and being confused because there's aren't any dryads in this world, maybe? And/or Susan being the first mortal Goldberry has met in a long time?
I'd love to see what kind of scenario they'd meet in—Goldberry wouldn't wander far from the forest, I think, so perhaps Susan going to some sort of trip? And Susan discovering the magic of Middle-Earth would be lovely!
Goldberry and Susan are both from worlds that are completely different from the modern world—although that difference is probably more immediate for Susan than Goldberry. Something about that, maybe, about grief and loss and the fading of old worlds?

Susan Pevensie (Narnia)/Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter)
It's not-inconceivable that these two would meet—they're around the same age, after all, and Susan, I imagine, travels enough, and maybe Muggle-Repelling Charms don't work properly on her? And Professor McGonagall could easily have a partner at home. I'd love to see these two women with each other.
I also love the idea of Susan being an ardent feminist as she grows older! Also I would kill for historically accurate feminism, if that's your thing.) Or being involved in politics, because once a politician always a politician. (Or both. Both is good!) And maybe Minerva meets Susan through this?
Or maybe something darker, set during the First War—perhaps Susan is a bystander who's almost killed by a Death Eater, or an important politician the Order and therefore Minerva has to protect?

Xaphania (His Dark Materials)/Galadriel (Silmarillion)
I specified Silm!Galadriel for this because I would adore Galadriel at the height of her rebellion against the Valar meeting Xaphania—perhaps one of the holes the subtle knife made was into the world of Middle-earth? What would they make of each other?
Their motivations and situations, while somewhat similar in some aspects, are completely different in others—would they clash? And perhaps some of Galadriel's maturing and growth was influenced by Xaphania?
And the divinity of Galadriel's world is very different from that of Xaphania's. I don't think that the Eru of Middle-earth meshes well with the HDM Almighty—something about that? Or something about the Valar and the differences (and similarities) between the Valar and the angels/Dust of HDM, and the fact that Galadriel's rebellion is much more morally contentious than Xaphania's? Or maybe something about their differing perspectives of divinity, both due to the worlds they live in and who they are?

Harry Potter
Fic (but would also love art, I just messed up on the signup form!)

  • I haven't watched Fantastic Beasts or read The Cursed Child, and, while I don't mind spoilers for the former, I'd prefer not to read or see anything about the latter. I'm sorry, but it's just not my thing.
  • Magic! I adore magic, and all the wackiness of the magical world. I'd love to see explorations of both the dark, not-so-dark, and in-between magics, especially the inbetweens (how do you call something Dark Magic? Where do you draw the line? And how blurred is the aforesaid line?).
  • I'd love to see more about how the wizarding world works, particularly the Ministry of Magic. Are there any commercial centres other than in Diagon Alley? How does the wizarding world work in other countries? How does the Order work? Basically, the nitty-gritty details we didn't see in the books. We only got a general overview of how magical society functions (I imagine Hogwarts is very isolated from the rest of society), and that through Harry's limited PoV, and I'd love to know more.
  • Several of the characters are, ahem, magical beings, magical creatures (except obviously not, because they're people, and even that word is a perfect embodiment of prejudice against them). An exploration of the magic and mechanics of this would be lovely. How do other people see them? How do they see themselves? And, of course, dealing with prejudice and discrimination is more than fine
  • HP is rife with weird, wacky, and wonderful(ly spooky) settings and magical artefacts, and I'd love to see them incorporated into your story/artwork. Ghosts, Inferi, Dark Creatures—I'd love to see them all!
  • War, especially if you're writing the First War with Voldemort. It was a war run from the shadows, and I'd love to see something about that—perhaps Order missions and meetings? I'd love to see how the war fucks everything up, and people dying and suspicions cast on each other.


Alice Longbottom/Lily Evans
I can imagine this going two ways—either them being girlfriends when they were in Hogwarts, or a canon divergence AU where Lily ends up with Alice instead of James. Something slice-of-life-y, perhaps? For the AU situation, I'd love to see what would change, and what wouldn't.
Or perhaps James dies but Lily doesn't? Lots of hurt/comfort would be lovely (but if you choose this situation, maybe at least a year or two between James' death and Lily getting together with Harry?).
If you choose one of the AU situations, Alice is an Auror, but we have no idea what Lily's career is, although it was probably something to do with Charms or Potions, so I'd love to see more about that! Or them working for the Order together, fighting Death Eater or on an intel-gathering mission? Or maybe them raising Harry together?
If you choose girlfriends at Hogwarts, I'd love to see them studying together or lazing around near the lake (and maybe some exhibitionism and Lily trying to maintain a Disillusionment Charm while orgasming). How do they get together? Was it mistletoe? Friends scheming? Or did one of them straight-up ask the other out on a date?

Amelia Bones/Minerva McGonagall
I'd love to see more of Professor McGonagall's personal life, and, from what we've heard about Amelia Bones, they seem like they'd fit together very well. Women who are very busy with their professional lives and have trouble making time for personal things is a narrative kink for me, so whatever you do with that would be lovely, as would all the angst (and oh the angst, especially post-OotP—Minerva grieving her, perhaps?) and origin stories. And perhaps the two of them working together in the First War?
I'd love to see the two of them working for the Order for either war, not just fighting but tactics and planning, or covert ops and intelligence-gathering missions. Maybe that's how they fall for each other? Or maybe falling for each other pre-First War, through a mutual admiration of each other's work?
Or maybe conflict because both of them are very busy and they have very little time for each other? Or arguments related to work, especially as to how Hogwarts functions as a semi-independent institution, and how much free rein it's allowed?

Amelia Bones/Griselda Marchbanks
Brought to you by my fascination with Griselda Marchbanks—I'd love to know more about her, and Amelia too. I'd love to see their professional lives, and them interacting with each other in that context (and perhaps they even met at work, too?), and I'd basically love anything to do with the two of them.
The two of them collaborating on some interdepartmental work, maybe (because O.W.L.s are affiliated with the Ministry, right?). Or maybe something about Amelia's work especially once she becomes the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement [CHECKKK]? I'd love to see them with their heads bent over some work, bouncing off ideas and/or arguing.
Or, something about the First War? What did Griselda do? Was she ever part of the Order, did she fight Voldemort some other way, or did she stay away? What were her opinions on her partner's work for the Order? (And what were her opinions on Amelia's work post-GoF? Did the two of them disagree about Voldemort? Or did she know about the Order and was actually more active in it than Amelia?

Bellatrix Black Lestrange/Narcissa Black Malfoy/Andromeda Black Tonks
Sistercest! I'd love something dark and fucked-up (and non-con-ish, if you like!) for this pairing, and it's not a 'ship that's likely to end well. Either when they're younger (and betrayal and angst on both sides, after Andromeda leaves?) or DH-era, and the fucked-up-ness that would entail. (In fic, any two of this constellation as endgame is fine, as long as OT3 is the predominant pairing.) I'd love to see the similarities and differences between them, especially with regard to Andromeda.
Maybe Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Andromeda accidentally meet again at some point after Andromeda leaves, and it devolves into hatesex? Or during DH, Andromeda is captured? Or maybe Bellatrix lives and post-DH, Andromeda reluctantly gives her shelter, and Narcissa comes to the two of them?
Maybe Bellatrix pulling Andromeda's hair, and Narcissa watching? (Honestly, just Narcissa watching/giving orders while Bellatrix does terrible things to Andromeda.) Or maybe Andromeda being tortured by Bellatrix and Narcissa, or the two of them being nice to her while she's their prisoner? Or the three of them before Andromeda leaves at some kind of exclusive party?

Cho Chang/Luna Lovegood
Ravenclaw Tower shenanigans! Even Ravenclaws need to relax, after all, after all those long hours of studying—and what better way to relax than sex?
Or, if you'd prefer to write/draw something non-smutty, maybe something set in the future, the two of them getting together, maybe at a Ministry event, or (correct me if I'm wrong), we don't know what Cho's eventual career is, so maybe she and Luna go into the same line of work? Or maybe the two of them getting together at Hogwarts, post-OotP, maybe? (Although that may involve some clashing after what happened in OotP)
I'd love to see the two of them discussing something, and the two of them have completely different worldviews so their approaches would be very different, and maybe they get heated up? Or one of them pulling the other in by the tie to kiss her, or the two of them snuggled up in Ravenclaw tower.

Fleur Delacour/Gabrielle Delacour
Sistercest! Please no underage Gabrielle (unless it's Gabrielle having an unrequited crush on Fleur, with absolutely no reciprocation on Fleur's part, in which case, yes, please!), but other than that, I'd love anything ranging from dark to sweet and gentle.
For more specific prompts: unrequited crushes, again, or maybe Gabrielle comes to her sister for [reason] when they're older, after one of their parents has died? Or maybe it's a Veela thing, and Gabrielle and Fleur aren't immune to each other's charms? Maybe the two of them Veela sex pollen-ing each other accidentally and things go from there? (For art, I'd love to see them watching themselves in a mirror as they kiss/have sex.)
I'd love to see what older!Gabrielle looks like, and I'd love to see Fleur and Gabrielle being domestic together. Or the two of them dancing together, or at the beach! Or maybe they revisit Beauxbaton at some point?

Fleur Delacour/Ginny Weasley
Ginny noticing all the little things which annoy her about Fleur, and going on and on about these things, sounds suspiciously like the beginnings of a crush to me! I don't mind either unrequited love or an AU, but whichever it is, I'd love snark and banter and Fleur's accent. I'd adore Ginny being annoyed and infatuated at the same time, and Fleur's obliviousness would be an added bonus! Hatesex, maybe?
Fleur I imagine as being a lot taller than Ginny, so Ginny reaching up to kiss Fleur, maybe? Or dubcon because of Fleur's Veela powers and Ginny coming under her enchantment? (Or a prenegotiated Veela sex pollen scene, I'd love that too!)
If you go AU, I'd love to see them fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts together! Or maybe they get together post-Battle of Hogwarts, maybe even much later in life when Ginny's playing for the Harpies (and I'd love to see what Fleur's job is in this 'verse)?

Fleur Delacour/Nymphadora Tonks
I confess, I adore this ship mostly for its visual potential, and yes, this is a more art-heavy prompt than fic-heavy. For once! I love Tonks' Metamorphmagus abilities, and something playing with that would be wonderful. I just want to see them laughing together! And something playing up their differences, perhaps? (And maybe Tonks pining not for Remus, but for Fleur in HBP? And them getting together at the end?)
Again, if you go with the AU situation, I'd love to see them fighting together at the Battle of Hogwarts (although hopefully not with a tragic ending). Or maybe the two of them are the ones at Shell Cottage? Or even f!preg (or Fleur/Tonks/Remus/Bill, if you're so inclined). Or maybe Fleur and Tonks get together after DH because of [reason]?
Tonks using her Metamorphmagus abilities for sex! Roleplay, perhaps (maybe fake kidnapping and/or interrogation, or maaaaybe selfcest roleplay), or some sort of guessing game? (Or tentacles! Tentacles are always good.)

Marlene McKinnon/Dorcas Meadowes
I'd love to see them in school, or during the First War. War stories always have my love, and I'd love something about the Lost Generation and how they've all lost their childhoods and youth. Something about fighting together in the Order, perhaps, and also angst about war and loss and betrayal? And this is one of those stories that won't get a happily-ever-after; a focus on that, maybe?
How did they fall in love? During their school years, or afterwards? Did they ever hold hands by the lake, or kiss in the common room after lights out? Or did they have their first kiss during a mission, or after a mission? Or were they not in love at all, was it more of a friends-with-benefits thing?
Or I'd love to see them interacting as a couple with the rest of the Order—who knew, and who didn't? Who did they spend the most time with? Did they live together or share a flat with friends? What were their day jobs, or did they work for the Order full time?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Art, fic

  • Okay, so this is a weird request, but please no everyone lives/some people live AUs unless I specifically ask for them? The point of Rogue One, for me, is that everyone dies (and, personally, I don't think there's anything left for any of them if they do live), so I'd prefer not to see this. No unrequested AUs from the movie at all, please? (I don't mind picking and choosing details from the book at all, though! That's what I love to do. And if I ask for AUs then they're more than fine.)
  • The main thing I love about Rogue One is the nitty-gritty behind-the-scene details, and the toll the Rebellion takes on all its members.
  • I'd adore backstory and generally terrible things they've done (because I don't think any of them haven't done one or two awful things).
  • Quick Cassian note: I love that he's a tortured idealist who's done awful things (seriously, Cassian/self-loathing is my OTP, and Cassian selling his integrity for the Rebellion is something I'd love to see, as is calculating!Cassian), so please don't make him a person who hasn't done bad things? Also for Jyn, although she's actually more Han Solo type, and I love that! (I would seriously love to see Jyn having been a smuggler at some point.)
  • I'd love more on the workings of the Rebellion, and all the petty annoyances, and also, for characters who are part of the Rebellion, Rebellion missions.
  • I'd love to see traumatized, exhausted characters stretched to their limits, and exhausted, harried leaders stretched to their limits.
  • Smutty things: lots and lots of loyalty kink, please, and superior officers/people under them, and kneeling and D/s. The command hierarchies of both the Empire and the Rebellion are just made for this!
  • The Empire—I'd love to see more about what sort of things they do.
  • The Force, and the Jedi, and explorations of that, and what legends about the Jedi and stories about them remain in the Empire.
  • This is a general Star Wars thing, but I love the various planets, and I'd love whatever new planets you come up with! Also cultures of various planets and culture clashes?
  • There's a lot of moral grey area in Rogue One and I love that, so something about that? Especially how extremists are presented very neutrally and how the supposed 'good guys' do bad things, and, again, that's presented neutrally.
  • For art: I love how worn and ragged everyone and their costumes look! And also, hair game. Star Wars hair game is strong.


Bail Organa/Cassian Andor
Okay, so Cassian seems to be pretty high up in the Rebellion hierarchy—I'm sure he interacts with Bail a lot. Maybe he's being sent off on one of the missions where he does terrible things, or maybe a mission report afterwards and he's pretty banged up? Or Bail has to send Cassian into a situation where there's a high chance that he'll be captured and tortured? (And then, of course, Cassian is captured and tortured, and all the hurt/comfort.) Or I'd love to see strategy meetings, behind-the-scene workings of the Rebellion. Or maybe Cassian and Bail working to remain professional despite their relationship? Or do they bring the Rebellion command hierarchy to bed with them?
Or Cassian being in the Rebellion since he was six—does that have anything to do with Bail? Is Bail a mentor to Cassian and does their relationship change into something else as Cassian grows up? Or does Cassian meet Bail as an adult and they become fuckbuddies/fall for each other/etc. at that point?
Also, Cassian's hair is really, really soft, and I would adore seeing Bail playing with it/stroking it.

Cassian Andor/Leia Organa
(Brought to you by my extreme desire to torture both Leia and Cassian, because yessssss.) What gets me about both Leia and Cassian is that they're idealists and optimists but also—grim about it? Optimism and idealism aren't personality traits for them, they're life choices, and they're idealists in the sense of believing in their cause to the exclusion of everything else, and giving everything and willing to do anything for that cause, but they're not naïve and hopeful in the way that Luke is. And that's definitely because of the things he did for the Rebellion in Cassian's case, and also probably in Leia's case? And Leia hasn't been completely destroyed in the way Cassian has, and I'd love to see something about that, maybe?
Both Cassian and Leia were part of the intelligence branch of the Rebellion and they were both pretty high up in said intelligence division, so I'd like to think that they'd have met as some point. Maybe Cassian was Leia's mentor? Or maybe he was a contact between the Senate and Yavin 4 at some point? Or even just accidental meeting on the Rebel base

Cassian Andor/Original Male Character(s)
Okay, so this thread on FFA is basically everything I want for this. Basically, Cassian not being able to let people in and having lots of angsty meaningless sex + self-loathing with Rebels, and also using sex as an intelligence-gathering tool (I adore all the scenarios described in this comment in aforementioned thread). Meaningless angsty sex? Honeypot missions? Sex as just another thing he's given for the Rebellion? Cassian/self-loathing? Sign me the fuck up! Dubcon for the greater good?
Or maybe Cassian being captured by the Empire and tortured and raped by (a) Stormtrooper(s) and staying heroically stoic through it all, even when he's gaping and leaking the Stromtroopers' come, and covered in bruises and lacerations?
Or Cassian + a Rebellion pilot being fuckbuddies? And Cassian deliberately choosing not to get emotionally involved?

Mon Mothma/Senator Pamlo
I'm fascinated by Tynnra Pamlo—despite the existence of the Delegation of Two Thousand, I always thought that Bail and Mon were the only senators who were actively part of the Rebellion, but apparently not.
So, Rebellion love affairs and High Command politics! Senator Pamlo is presumably still a Senator, unlike Mon—how did they make it work? Did they meet through the Rebellion (or the Delegation), or did they know each other before hand? What happened to Senator Pamlo once the Senate was dissolved? I have so many questions that don't have answers, and I'm curious.
Mon and Tynnra appear to have conflicting ideas of the hows of the Rebellion, despite sharing an ideology—how do they make it work despite that? Are there conflicts, within their bedroom and in High Command? The way they live, do they even properly have a bedroom?
And behind-the-scenes workings of the Rebellion! I'd love to see High Command meetings, or the Senators engaging in political manoeuvring, or motivating Rebellion troops, or organizing missions, or risk assessment meeting held privately, or infighting.

Star Wars Original Trilogy
Art, fic

  • I don't play hard-and-fast with EU; I don't mind complete faithfulness, completely ignoring its existence, or something inbetween. (I consider the novelizations part of the EU).
  • Planets! I'd love explorations of different planets and their people!
  • Politics! Behind-the-scene views and nitty-gritty details are always my favourite things, and I'd especially love this for characters who are Senators of Rebellion/Resistance leaders.
  • I'm interested in the way the Jedi fail. If the attachment thing is what you love, then go with it, but I'd also love to see a different take. I've always wondered why the Jedi—a religious order which you could leave if you wanted to—are considered wrong for the non-attachment thing (and I admit that the demonization of Buddhist culture and lumping different kinds of Buddhism plus a few other Eastern religions together isn't my favourite thing!). I'd love a take on the Jedi where the Jedi's failings are that it's not made more explicit that leaving is OK, that they get too bogged down in politics instead of doing what's right, and that they encourage attachment in the form of the (very close) Master/Padawan relationship (and whatever else faults, I'm sure there are many!). A respectful take on so-called 'Eastern' religions would be much appreciated!
  • Regarding Anakin—I understand his position, and where he's coming from, but 'it's all Obi-Wan's/Yoda's/Padmé's/Qui-Gon's fault' is not my thing, and I have zero sympathy for the fact that he killed little children. Reluctantly, maybe, (and not-so-reluctantly with the Tuskens) but he killed little children, and I don't really like that. At all. What I would enjoy is an AU where Anakin left the Jedi because he realized that he wanted attachments.
  • Or just ignoring the attachments things in favour of all the ships is fine as well!


Leia Organa/Luke Skywalker/Han Solo
I love the messy dynamics and political manoeuvring and adventure and philosophy and all other stuff this entails. Messiness is lovely, and all the angst and conflict (especially over Leia's and Luke's birth family) and guilt and general fucked-up things, although love and trust and mutual support and 'let's see who kicks ass best' competitions are also great.
What happens post-RotJ? I imagine there's a lot of clean-up to be done, the remnants of the forces and the upper hierarchies of the Empire who don't surrender to be hunted down, and an entire government to be restructured. How do the three of them find time for each other when they have conflicting responsibilities and personalities? The three of them must've gotten some happy years before everything went to shit again—I'd love to see them laughing together, on on some sort of mission together and fighting.
Or how do they drift apart? Did it start a long time before Ben became Kylo Ren, or not? Was it because of their conflicting desires and personalities, or because of external pressures?

Leia Organa/Mon Mothma
I'd love Leia/Mon Mothma fic in any form. Specific prompts include mentorship, politican-ly peers and in a casual relationship (before Leia gets together with Han, though), or Leia going to Mon Mothma for help with the Resistance after Ben Falls, and finding comfort in an old friend maybe wasn't part of the plan and certainly not officially sanctioned, but...
For art, maybe Mon Mothma mentoring Leia, or the two of them just talking. Or something pre-TFA but only by a few years, a quiet love scene, General Organa and the former leader of the Rebellion and of the New Republic.
Mon Mothma knew Padmé—does she put two and two together and see whose daughter Leia is? Does their relationship start because Leia looks up to Mon? Are they ever caught in a compromising situation by colleagues/tabloids/Rebel technicians? Do they have long arguments with each other about the minutiae of policy and politics? Does Mon ever command Leia in bed, or is it the other way around?

Leia Organa/Toryn Farr
Junior officer and commander! Loyalty kink! I'd especially love to see how the Rebellion works, so, for fic, a day-in-the-life would be great. For art, maybe them discussing some plans together, or Leia giving a command, or kissing during a stolen moment?
How do Leia and Toryn meet? Does Toryn look up to Leia or to Bail? (And how was Toryn recruited to the Alliance anyway? Was Leia one of the initial recruiters? Was Toryn Leia's aide at some point, or a childhood friend?)
And Leia is a spy, pre-ANH, and Toryn seems to be a technician. I imagine they don't meet much, so maybe them enjoying each other's presence while they can? Or does Leia romance Toryn (or vice verse) while on Hoth?

Toryn Farr/Original Female Character
I'd love to see more of Toryn's life in the Rebellion, with her girlfriend or wife, also part of the Rebellion, both on missions and on the Rebel base. And what do they do post-RotJ? Do one or both of them go into civil service? Do something different all together? Settle down and/or start a family?
I'd love to maybe see the two of them spending downtime together on the Rebel base, kissing or just reading or working together. Or maybe kissing under the fireworks after the Battle of Endor, holy shit we got out of this alive kissing. Or, if you go with the pilot, maybe her girlfriend/wife taking Toryn for a ride, the two of them crammed into a tiny cockpit and almost on top of each other? And maybe Toryn distracts her because she's wriggling so much.
Or maybe something more angsty—did Toryn leave someone behind when she joined the Rebellion? Did they have opposing political views, and did they split up because of this? Did they reunite after the Battle of Endor or not?

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Art, fic

  • I don't play hard-and-fast with EU; I don't mind complete faithfulness, completely ignoring its existence, or something inbetween. (I consider the novelizations part of the EU).
  • Planets! I'd love explorations of different planets and their people!
  • Politics! Behind-the-scene views and nitty-gritty details are always my favourite things, and I'd especially love this for characters who are Senators of Rebellion/Resistance leaders.
  • I'm interested in the way the Jedi fail. If the attachment thing is what you love, then go with it, but I'd also love to see a different take. I've always wondered why the Jedi—a religious order which you could leave if you wanted to—are considered wrong for the non-attachment thing (and I admit that the demonization of Buddhist culture and lumping different kinds of Buddhism plus a few other Eastern religions together isn't my favourite thing!). I'd love a take on the Jedi where the Jedi's failings are that it's not made more explicit that leaving is OK, that they get too bogged down in politics instead of doing what's right, and that they encourage attachment in the form of the (very close) Master/Padawan relationship (and whatever else faults, I'm sure there are many!). A respectful take on so-called 'Eastern' religions would be much appreciated!
  • Regarding Anakin—I understand his position, and where he's coming from, but 'it's all Obi-Wan's/Yoda's/Padmé's/Qui-Gon's fault' is not my thing, and I have zero sympathy for the fact that he killed little children. Reluctantly, maybe, (and not-so-reluctantly with the Tuskens) but he killed little children, and I don't really like that. At all. What I would enjoy is an AU where Anakin left the Jedi because he realized that he wanted attachments.
  • Or just ignoring the attachments things in favour of all the ships is fine as well!


Obi-Wan Kenobi/Mace Windu
I'd love to see Mace and Obi-Wan reconciling their relationship with the values of the Jedi—or maybe they don't? Maybe the two of them leave the Jedi (after Anakin is fully trained, of course)? What will that change? Or does Mace take Obi-Wan under his wing after Qui-Gon's death? Do they get together immediately, or do they strike up a friendship that leads to a relationship?
Obi-Wan and Mace seem to respect each other and see each other as equals by RotS—I'd love to see their relationship during that period. Maybe a snatched moment between deployments? Or maybe a drink after Council sessions? Are they romantically involved or is it a form of stress relief?
I'd love to see Jedi politics and Council sessions. Do Mace and Obi-Wan arguing politics and philosophy? Are they sometimes distracted from Serious Council Work by each other? (And the final scene in AotC where Yoda, Mace, and Obi-Wan are having what amounts to their own private Council session (when Obi-Wan isn't even on the Council)—what's going on there?)

Padmé Amidala/Cordé/Dormé/Moteé/Versé, Padmé Amidala/Eirtaé/Rabé/Sabé/Saché/Yané
I've put the Queen-era and Senator-era handmaiden 'ships together, because I basically want the same things from both; I hope that's alright!
I'd love to see loyalty kink for these 'ships, and all the powerplay and identity porn. Naboo rituals, both of the traditional and sex-y sort, would also be wonderful! (Chastity play—the Queen/Senator has to wear a chastity belt to symbolise her loyalty to Naboo, and she is only allowed relief when the handmaidens, who represent her people, allow it (or allowed no relief at all!)? The Queen submitting to her handmaidens as a ritual reminder that she serves her people? The handmaidens pledging loyalty to their Senator/Queen?)
I would also love to see the handmaidens unwinding with their Queen/Senator after a long day's work (which had maybe involved identity porn shenanigans) and relaxing with each other, maybe teasing and bantering with each other.

Padmé Amidala/Sabé
Queen and handmaiden on Naboo or later political intrigue would be lovely, with all the loyalty kink! I'm also very interested in Padmé lives AUs. And this doesn't even have to be very AU! Everything can go as planned in the OT! And Leia's remembering her mother in RotJ makes a little more sense! Basically, I'd love Padmé leading (or organizing or...) the Rebellion with her handmaiden by her side.
Or on Naboo, identity porn and loyalty kink because Sabé is Padmé's decoy, maybe? Does the Queen require her closest handmaiden to submit to her, and are Queen and Handmaiden dependent on the clothes and the role? Or maybe the two of them playing politics, and Sabé and Padmé both being Queen on a busy day? Or relaxing after a long day, either on the balcony of their rooms, the gardens, or in bed?
Or do they fall for each other after Padmé's tenure as Queen is finished? How does their relationship work long-distance? Does this go AU, or do they break up pre-AotC?

Shmi Skywalker/Original Female Character
F!preg, with Anakin having no father but two mothers? (Or the OFC being a physical manifestation of the Force?) Or maybe Shmi and a fellow slave finding comfort in each other. Something bittersweet, please, and perhaps something about Tatooine slave culture.
Shmi not being from Tatooine—I can't remember whether that's fanon or canon, but if that's your thing, maybe she had a lover pre-Tatooine? And maybe she wasn't born into slavery (and all the angst)?
Or maybe Shmi's days with Gardulla—maybe she had a relationship with another slave there? I'd love to see them comforting each other. Or (completely optional, of course, but) maybe noncon with a guard/one of Gardulla's guests/Gardulla herself?
Or f!preg! Is the OFC a physical manifestation of the Force (Shmi getting lost in the Tatooine desert one day, perhaps)? Or does Anakin have two mothers? And maybe this is a bit noncon-ish as well?
Or maybe post-TPM, Shmi falls for an OFC instead of Cliegg?

The Dark Is Rising
Art, fic
Jane Drew/The Lady
I loved their interaction in Silver on the Tree so much! Jane and the Lady are my favourite characters, and I love that they interact and I love that they have the connection they have!
I do have one very specific request for this ship—I would prefer not to see smut if you're writing/drawing canon-era fic, although smut is more than fine for post-canon fic.
I love the 'you and I are much the same, Jane, Jana, Juno, Jane' bit, and I'd love more about that! Perhaps an exploration of their similarities? Or maybe something about the differences in their experiences and in their natures (and maybe something about mortality and immortality)? (And if incest is your thing, take the mother and daughter undertones and run with them!)
I'd also be interested in an AU where Jane is an Old One—there are so many possibilities there! Perhaps the Lady is to Jane what Merriman is to Will in canon? Or maybe Merriman plays the same role and so does the Lady, and the Lady/Jane happens in another way?
Also, I haven't made a list of fandom-specific likes because it's just this pairing for this fandom, but I love the atmosphere of this world, and the use of real-world mythology, and the vivid setting and how the magic is grounded in the English countryside. I'm also curious as to the manifestations that magic takes in other countries. I adore the Wild Magic/Old Magic/High Magic distinctions, too, and I'd love to see more about that, although the unexplainability of the magic is one of the things I love, so..And the ending of Silver on the Tree utterly destroyed me, so I wouldn't mind seeing canon divergence AUs!

The Dragonfly Pool
Art, fic
Matteo/Karil's Father
I love The Dragonfly Pool to bits, and one of my favourite things about the book is Matteo's and Johannes' relationship. There is so much potential there, and so much left unexplored.
I love the tragedy of how they meet again after so many years, but were torn apart mere minutes later. Matteo avoiding Johannes (and all that lost time—did he have regrets, later, after Johannes death?), but Johannes seeing him anyway, how dramatic Johannes was in dragging Matteo out of the crowd, their embrace (like there was no-one else there now that is a shippy moment if I ever saw one), the words they spoke to each other (and I am burningly curious as to what those were), Johannes looking the way he hadn't looked after his wife had died, the friend Johannes loved as a boy, Matteo's 'No!', 'everything' (everything), Matteo's promise, 'the man he had loved beyond all others', Matteo on his knees, just—everything. Everything about that scene. And later—everything about the dragonfly pool scene, too, Matteo's memories and how Karil saw that his father wanted to be with Matteo. And after—I'd love to see Matteo grieving and trying to deal with Johannes death. And Karil—how does Matteo see him, entangled as Karil must be in Matteo's feelings about Johannes? And Matteo maybe finding a lover during/after the war, but everything about that lover reminds him of Johannes, or nothing does, and everything is messy and terrible?
And I very much wouldn't mind seeing a canon divergence AU where Johannes wasn't killed (not shot? Shot, but not fatally?), and they do get to have sex speak to each other later. How do they sort out all the painful things that must lie between them? Do they go back to their individual lives, or do they find a way to stay with each other? What would happen to their relationship during WW1?
Or maybe something about their childhoods—I'd love to see Matteo and Johannes doing everything together, maybe including fumbling together as boys? Or the two of them at university, discovering that their care for each other extended beyond friendship? Or dealing with the fact that they can't be together fully, because Johannes is going to have marry (and maybe him actually falling for his wife feels like betrayal to Johannes, and it's very complicated there)? Or Johannes becoming 'cut off', and Matteo's feelings of betrayal at the pamphlet incident and him leaving? Or Johannes' feelings on Matteo leaving, and the two of them learning to live without each other? All the politics and/or angst, really, and the two of them figuring out their relationship together.


The Lord of the Rings
Art, fic

  • There aren't enough fics based on the Myths Transformed version of Middle-earth, and if that's something you'd like to explore, I'd love that, especially a more scientifically accurate (and sometimes, to my mind, a more tragic-and-dark-but-beautiful) vision of Middle-earth. (Other versions would also be wonderful, of course! This is just a specific thing I don't see much of.)
  • I love the fact that Tolkien's canon is a patchwork of different stories and mythologies, both in the Doylist and Watsonian sense, and fic exploring that would be wonderful.
  • Linked with the points above, I'm interested in lived vs. written stories, and Those Pesky Historians, and how unseen forces affect history.
  • Nature that comes alive.
  • The mortals and Elves/free will and destiny debate and the role of the Valar would be a wonderful thing to read about—I'd love exploration of any of the philosophical questions of Tolkien's world, really, but especially this, as detailed in the Athrabeth and writings about the role of the Valar.
  • All things Darkness and Light, really—I'm very fascinated by how these polar opposites work in Tolkien's world (and you can go back right to the beginning, to the Music, if you like), and how Arda is both grim and uplifting at the same time.
  • I love the way magic and power operate in Tolkien's world—the work he's done to make it believable is wonderful. Writing a green sun, indeed! Anything you can write about this would be welcome and much-adored.
  • I especially love the Ñoldor and Númenor, although every Age of Middle-earth holds my heart.
  • For interspecies relationships, I'd love to see an emphasis on otherness and trying to understand each other.


Arwen/Éowyn, Éowyn/Lothíriel, Arwen/Éowyn/Lothíriel
First, a request: I would very much prefer there wasn't infidelity—open relationships would me much more preferable.
Politics! Politics galore, please, and also queens finding themselves away from home and taking comfort from their peers, and having adventures, and ruling while their husbands are away. For the 'ships, I don't mind either open relationships or infidelity. I'd also like a bit more about the Rohirrim. For Éowyn/Lothíriel especially, but all of these relationships and friendships, I love horses, so if you could include equestrian detail in the fic that'd also be lovely.
I would love to see Arwen and/or Lothíriel visiting Rohan with Éowyn. Perhaps the three of them are on individual errands and meet, or maybe they plan a trip? Or Éowyn (and Lothíriel?) in Gondor for the 'ships involving Arwen, maybe? Or Éowyn (and Arwen) in Dol Amroth? I just love how vividly different these places are from each other and would love something about that, or about them meeting unexpectedly (or planning their rendezvous).
And speaking of trips, I'd also love Éowyn and Arwen and/or Lothíriel having any kind of adventure together. Perhaps them riding out to war? Or maybe going on a diplomatic trip?
And explorations of their heritage! Arwen was brought up in Rivendell among Elves, Lothíriel is from Dol Amorth, and Éowyn is from Rohan.

Oooh, I love this for its awkward connotations. A gentle fic, if portraying their relationship, but I'd also love a look at the awkwardness that would result—“Aragorn, I've already met your Mother. In fact, I've gone down on her too many times to count”. A relationship not based on love, but mutual loss and comfort, staving away loneliness, would also be something I'd love explored (although I'd love to see them madly in love with each other, too). I'd also love bonding, and discussions/portrayals of mortality and immortality.
What does Arwen's mother-in-law think about her? Surely they must have spent time together in Rivendell, possibly in the years before Arwen was betrothed, but after Aragorn had gone away. Did Aragorn's youthful crush result in mutual embarrassment? Or did they laugh over it? And I'd love advice, given and received, and also Elven vs. human perceptions of passing time.
Arwen/Gilraen in the window of time between Aragorn going away and their betrothal would be lovely. Or maybe Arwen comforting Gilraen after Arathorn's death? Or an AU where Arwen doesn't become betrothed to Aragorn (and what that would change, maybe)?


Aredhel (Silmarillion)/Goldberry (LotR)
Kind of a crack pairing, yes, but maybe Aredhel stumbles upon Goldberry instead of Eöl, and everything goes much happier? Or maybe Goldberry finds her as she and Maeglin flee from Eöl. And the timelines possibly don't match up, but maybe Goldberry was born/created/sprung fully-formed from the River-woman before the First Age?
Aredhel's desire for freedom would be utterly in line with Goldberry, I feel, and maybe Aredhel is attracted to how unfettered Goldberry is? And maybe she envies Goldberry as well?
I would love Aredhel and Goldberry having no-strings-attached sex or Goldberry enchanting and entrapping Aredhel somehow, but I'd also love the two of them creating something more permanent together (although maybe ending unhappily because of the Doom?).
And visually, I love how their different appearances would meld—Goldberry's golden hair and bright clothing and Aredhel's dark hair and grey eyes and white clothing together are very visually appealing to me. (Or, well, you could ditch the clothing and have them naked. That would also be extremely visually appealing, of course!)

Daughter of Arwen/Daughter of Arwen
Incest kink! Smutty fic is more than welcome for this pairing. I'd love to see the shenanigans the daughters of Arwen get up to—what sort of adventures do they have together? How do they navigate court politics and their relationship with each other at the same time? Does anyone know about them? Do people suspect but not-quite-know?
Arwen's daughters are not even names in the Appendices, so I'd love to see more about their lives. What do they love to do? What are their relationships with their other sibling(s, if Arwen has more than two daughters) and their parents like? What do they love doing, and what are they good at doing, and do those two things not necessarily overlap? Are they warriors, diplomats, scholars, or none of the above?
For art, especially I'd love it if you focused on the similarities and differences in their appearances. Maybe the two of them sparring, or dancing? (Or anything mirroring each other, really! Or maybe actual mirrors are involved?)

Galadriel and Goldberry are two beings so different from each other and each very powerful in their own way—what would happen if they met? I'd love to see them speaking in riddles and confusing us mere mortals, but understanding each other perfectly well! Something slightly eerie, please, something about magic and the roots of Middle-earth. Sex magic, of whatever sort you like, would be an added bonus!
Do they meet in the First Age, somehow—maybe with Goldberry wandering into Doriath for [Reasons]? Or do they meet after Galadriel has crossed the Ered Luin? Or even later, when Galadriel is in Lórien?
Enchantment, again, but mayne enchantment working both ways? And maybe something about Galadriel and Nenya and the things she learnt from Melian versus Goldberry's more elemental power? Or maybe Goldberry being mistaken for a intruder in Lórien (or the other way around)?

Goldberry/Lady of the Blue Brooch
There are so many lovely fics for this pairing, but I still want more! For those of you who don't know, the Lady of the Blue Brooch was a woman, presumably a noble of Cardolan, and her brooch found its way into the tomb of the last prince of Cardolan. And, of course, Goldberry (and Tom) knew her. From there, I'd love whatever your take on this would be! Was she fleeing from something when she met Goldberry? Wandered away from a travelling party and got lost? How did she die? In her life, who was she? A princess? A lady? A warrior? Someone else entirely?
And since she's probably a noble from Cardolan, maybe something about the last days of Cardolan, or something about the politics and the wars of Arnor?
I'd love to see Goldberry's meeting with her, maybe by the [STREAM NAME], or did Goldberry wander into her somewhere in Arnor? Or maybe something about the two of them in Goldberry's house? Or something bittersweet or angsty about how she leaves? (And how did her brooch find its way to that barrow?)
Or something creepier, maybe, with her being a barrow-wight, or Goldberry trying to bring her back from death, or Goldberry casting an enchantment over her to make her stay?

Malbeth/Original Female Character(s)
Foresight and its mixed blessings!I imagine that Malbeth would have led a dark, if not completely unhappy life, being blessed/cursed as she was with foresight so deep into the future and the knowledge of the downfall of the Dúnedain and the rise of Sauron (and his eventual defeat, but that wouldn't have been much of a comfort against the horror).
Or maybe, court politics and the role of seers in Dúnedain society? Was her lover a noble? Or was she an ordinary Dúnedan? Or was she not a Dúnedan at all—perhaps an Elf (who maybe understood Malbeth more than her fellow mortals, but there's also the divide between mortality and immortality)?
Whoever her lover was, unless she was a fellow Seer which would be wonderful, for 'when shall we three meet again' shenanigans, there must have been some sort of conflict or tension between them because of Malbeth's (probably eerie) visions. Or was Malbeth not-quite-believed by anyone except her lover?

Ah, the good old lady/handmaiden trope (and also loyalty?). I'd like to see Mithrellas' grief and longing for her lady, maybe, but also anger at Nimrodel for tossing her aside so easily when Amroth arrived. And maybe marrying Imrazôr is her way of saying 'fuck you' for that? And maybe she realizes that isn't enough? Or is there a gradual descent into madness?
Hurt feelings and anger, power dynamics—all things I want. Whether they find each other again is up to you, but if you're focusing on them finding each other, then a completely happy ending isn't my thing —bittersweet or angsty would be better, since Mithrellas is leaving her children behind. (But maybe Mithrellas wasn't completely happy in Dol Amroth that was not yet Dol Amroth either. and all the messiness please.)
Or I'd love to see them together pre-Amroth, playing in the stream or dancing beneath the trees or kissing on a talan or feeding each other berries. Or maybe the two of them near the end of the Third Age, or the beginning of the Fourth Age—do they stay in Middle-earth, or find their way to Valinor?

The Silmarillion
Art, fic

  • There aren't enough fics based on the Myths Transformed version of Middle-earth, and if that's something you'd like to explore, I'd love that, especially a more scientifically accurate (and sometimes, to my mind, a more tragic-and-dark-but-beautiful) vision of Middle-earth. (Other versions would also be wonderful, of course! This is just a specific thing I don't see much of.)
  • I love the fact that Tolkien's canon is a patchwork of different stories and mythologies, both in the Doylist and Watsonian sense, and fic exploring that would be wonderful.
  • Linked with the points above, I'm interested in lived vs. written stories, and Those Pesky Historians, and how unseen forces affect history.
  • Nature that comes alive.
  • The mortals and Elves/free will and destiny debate and the role of the Valar would be a wonderful thing to read about—I'd love exploration of any of the philosophical questions of Tolkien's world, really, but especially this, as detailed in the Athrabeth and writings about the role of the Valar.
  • All things Darkness and Light, really—I'm very fascinated by how these polar opposites work in Tolkien's world (and you can go back right to the beginning, to the Music, if you like), and how Arda is both grim and uplifting at the same time.
  • I love the way magic and power operate in Tolkien's world—the work he's done to make it believable is wonderful. Writing a green sun, indeed! Anything you can write about this would be welcome and much-adored.
  • I especially love the Ñoldor and Númenor, although every Age of Middle-earth holds my heart.
  • For interspecies relationships, I'd love to see an emphasis on otherness and trying to understand each other.


I'd love it if Almarian had a vested interest in getting Aldarion to marry Erendis! Maybe she and Núneth were childhood sweethearts, and Almarian regrets that she didn't take a chance with her lover, even though she loves her husband and children? I want something with nostalgia, please, and might-have-beens. Later Núneth and Almarian friendship, of course, is lovely, as are Aldarion/Erendis and Núneth/Almarian parallels.
Maybe something about Núneth and Almarian together as young women? How did they fall for each other (or not, and have a friends with benefits relationship, maybe?)? Maybe something showing the time they spent together? Or maybe their eventual parting of ways, which must obviously have happened at some point? Or maybe a canon divergence AU, and they don't marry their respective husbands?
Or maybe something bittersweet, them reuniting when their children marry. Or watching from afar as history repeats itself (only in an utterly different way?). Or maybe they find comfort in each other (again, or for the first time) after their husbands pass away?

AU where Galadriel takes Aegnor's place, maybe? Or Galadriel visiting Andreth, with or without Finrod. I just want philosophical and political discussions, duty vs. love dilemmas, and maybe an unhappy ending (because I'm evil like that).
I love the philosophical debates of the Athrabeth, so maybe more on that? Maybe Galadriel and Andreth getting into debates with each other? (And maybe the debates turning heated occasionally and then moving to bed?)
Or maybe Galadriel dealing with the fact that Andreth was her dead brother's lover, and the complications of that? (And maybe Andreth also dealing with her grief for Aegnor through Galadriel?) Or maybe angst as Andreth grows older?
Or maybe an AU where Andreth meets Galadriel instead of Aegnor—what would change, what wouldn't?
For art, maybe that scene near Tarn Aeluin, with a star caught in Andreth's hair (only with Galadriel instead of Aegnor)? Or Galadriel and Andreth wandering in the woods together? Or the two of them lying on the grass, staring up at the stars?


Incest kink! Aredhel and Goldberry were the only second-generation Finwions who were female, and I'd love an exploration of that. Did they like each other or despise each other and have hatesex? Maybe they hunted together, and those hunting trips turned into more? Or the two of them on the Ice, finding comfort in each other? Or maybe Aredhel was aiming to go to Doriath, not to visit Celegorm? So many possibilities!
Or maybe Aredhel and Galadriel's mutual indifference to each other, and annoyance at being pushed together at family gatherings because they're girls, and of course they have a lot of things in common. This usually Ends Very Badly, possibly, or maybe just Aredhel and Galadriel being snarky at each other and the world in general, with bonus kissing and casual sex.
Or maybe huddling for warmth during the crossing of the Ice? (And just sex, or the two of them falling for each other there). And maybe something about leading their people across the Ice, and the two of them being leaders in general (or leaders and generals, that would very much work too!)?

An origin story for Ungoliant, maybe? We know that both Sauron and Morgoth Fell from grace, as it were, and we know how, but what about Ungoliant? What happened? What was her beginning, and what made her Dark? Was it because of her love for Arien, or despite it? Where did she gain her hunger for Light?
Or, if they fall for each other despite being on different sides of the war (or, well, in Ungoliant's case, not having a side at all but aligning with Melkor because he's useful), elemental forces and secret rendezvous and love that doesn't ultimately change anything? Either way, I'd love something tragic. Or an AU where it ends well, that would also be lovely!
Ungoliant and Arien—the Sun and a giant spider, I'd be interested to see how that works visually. Or you could have them take human raiment—that's also something I'd love to see. Or maybe something about spiderwebs? Ungoliant trapping Arien in giant spiderwebs, maybe, and (noncon if you want to go in the noncon-y direction, or as roleplay) eating up all her Light?

Something mystical and magical and dangerous for these two, maybe? I'm interested in how this'd work—was it a passionate romance during the Years of the Trees, or did it happen after Galadriel came back at the end of the Third Age?
If pre-Darkening, maybe the two of them meeting, and things proceeding from there. Explorations of power dynamics, maybe, because Varda is obviously so much more powerful than Galadriel, and/or mentorship? And post-Darkening, there must have been feelings of betrayal on both sides, so something about that, maybe? And how do they react on meeting each other again, after Galadriel has atoned and gone through her test? Or maybe Galadriel finding comfort in Varda after the loss of everything she knows, and after the loss of her husband too (well, estrangement, but Celeborn doesn't look to be crossing the Sea any time soon).
Or, what does it feel like for an Elf to be in bed with a Valië? Does Varda use her powers on Galadriel? Or does Varda submit to Galadriel for this one thing?
I'd love art about stars and skies, please! Or maybe Varda and Galadriel on Taniquetil together, or Varda watching over Galadriel from far away?

This ship interests me for the light vs. dark dichotomy. An origin story, perhaps, on the fall of Thuringwethil? Or maybe what happened to Thuringwethil after the War of Wrath? I'd love to see the contrast between the two of them, and maybe something to do with the Ainur and their role in the Music?
And this 'ship is ripe for all the angst and tragedy. Maybe something about Thuringwethil's fall? (And how it came about, if you're going in the fic direction.) Or maybe if you choose to go with something about Thuringwethil and Ilmarë after the War of Wrath, there must be a lot of betrayal and anger lying in both of them—something about that?
I would also very much not mind this going in the fucked-up dubcon or noncon direction, whether that be because one of them is the other's prisoner, or because one of them manipulates the other emotionally (for her own good, of course, or so the manipulator things), or because of any other scenario.

Indis and Nerdanel in the house of Indis after Fëanor's Exile, or later, after the Darkening and the Doom, helping each other to cope, please? I just want all the angst and Doom.
I'd love to see Indis and Nerdanel, something passionate and intense—kissing, maybe, or even just talking to each other. Or I'd love to see Indis as the Queen of the Ñoldor (whether as Finwë's wife or in her own right in an AU)—loyalty kink, anyone? Or maybe something less smutty, dealing with the politics of the situation, maybe>
I am fascinated by the Ñoldor who remained in Aman after Fëanor and Fingolfin left. How did they attempt to bridge ties with the other Elves (especially the Teleri)? What were Indis' and Nerdanel's reactions to the Kinslaying? What were other people's reactions to the fact that their relations (and especially children) are Kinslayers? Or, what sort of role did they play in the reorganization of Tirion and in all the work that must have been necessary post-Darkening?

Lalaith/Niënor Níniel
Sistercest! This would, out of necessity, have to be an AU where Lalaith doesn't die. Maybe Lalaith and Niënor sustaining each other through difficult times? Maybe instead of Túrin, Lalaith is the one who's cursed? Codependent fucked-up siblings, please! And for art (and fic), something focusing on how they're the antithesis of each other?
What would happen if Túrin died, not Lalaith? I'd imagine a lot of the events would go the same, but would Húrin not having a male heir affect canon events much? Would Lalaith stay with her mother and sister, or would she be smuggled out like Túrin was? And would Doriath and the outlaws happen just the same, and would Lalaith still be the Blacksword, or would something different happen? Would Lalaith's and Niënor's meeting go the same? And what effect would Niënor not being pregnant have on the final events? Would they go the same, or differently? (And would she even want to be called Lalaith after her brother's death?)
Or an AU where Lalaith doesn't die and Túrin also lives—again, would Lalaith go to Doriath or stay with Morwen? Would Niënor and her become codependent because of the situation they're in if she stayed, or would they fight all the time? If Lalaith goes to Doriath with her brother, would Niënor stumble upon Lalaith instead of Túrin?

I'd adore a bittersweet romance with Lindissë—Silmarien marries Elatan eventually, and I'd like that to be a mutually beneficial if not completely agreeable marriage, so Silmarien and Lindissë find their way through that? Awkward threesomes, if Elatan is fine with that? An open relationship based on the same premise? Or are Lindissë and Silmariën parted? (And maybe, for any of these—or any other idea you have—Silmarien starts a long campaign to allow people of the same gender to marry each other, which culminates in Tar-Telperien's marriage to her wife many generations later?)
We know nothing about Lindissë and Silmariën beyond their names and parentage and that Silmariën was Elendil's foremother, so I'd love to know more about the two of them. What made them fall for each other? What were their pet causes—or were they not interested in politics at all? What were their passions? What sort of relationships did they have with the rest of their family? Did Silmariën's children ever figure out that there had been something between Lindissë and Silmariën, once upon a time?
And Númenorean politics! I'm always interested in Númenorean politics, and I'd love to see what sort of influence the two of them (especially Silmariën) have, and the political climate in Númenor at that time. (Or maybe an AU where Silmariën is the first Ruling Queen?)

Tar-Míriel/Original Female Character(s)
I want Tar-Míriel to have a slice of happiness before—or after—everything goes wrong (or, alternately I'd love to see the horror of her situation magnified as well, because I'm evil like that and I love seeing my faves suffer!). Make the setting (and plot, if you're planning in the fic and plott-y direction) as dark as you like—the darker the better! And, of course, Tar-Míriel as the Witch King is welcome! (Dark fucked-up-ness for that would be wonderful!)
Maybe Tar-Míriel finding comfort in one of her handmaidens (or one of the palace staff)? Is the handmaiden of the Faithful (perhaps planted there by Elendil to help Tar-Míriel pass messages out of the palace?), is she a spy for Pharazôn who manipulates Míriel (and maybe perhaps eventually falls for her—not not, there's lots of room for fucked-up-ness either way), or is she indifferent to the current political situation? Or maybe the OFC is a noble, either one of the Faithful (either in Exile, or someone who's secretly Faithful), or loyal to Pharazôn?
I'd love to see either quiet moments Míriel shares with her lover (strolling in the garden? Míriel being undressed? Her lover kneeling for her?) or something more political, perhaps, dealing with the latter days of Númenor and the rise of Pharazôn to power, or something set during Míriel's youth.