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FemslashEx Letter

Dearest creator,

First of all, I'm so happy we've matched, and I hope you have fun writing or drawing for me :). My prompts are slightly more fic-geared than art-geared (although most of them are hopefully general enough to apply to both), because, in art, I like a lot of the same thing for multiple pairings; I've included a separate section for general art prompts at the beginning of the letter. And I know that some of my prompts are longer than others, but that's mostly because for some prompts, I know exactly what I want to say, but for others, I ramble a lot—it's a problem with wording! I would love fic and art for any of the pairings I've requested equally.

If you want to know more about me , I’m
[ profile] The_Wavesinger, [ profile] the-wavesinger and The Wavesinger (Silmarillion Writers’ Guild) on my fannish haunts. You can also find me here on DW, and as [ profile] the_wavesinger on LJ, but I don’t frequent those places often. If you want more on my fic preferences (however unlikely that is, after this very long letter!), my fic rec tag on Tumblr and my AO3 bookmarks may be of some use, and for art, my art and fan art tags on Tumblr may be of some use. You may also want to poke through my previous exchange letters, for both fic and art. And, of course, you can comment anonymously on this post or leave an anonymous ask on my Tumblr if you want to know more.

  • Body horror/gore/guro (and violence more than canon level).
  • Anything more than mild horror, for fic, and horror at all, for art.
  • Graphic descriptions of nausea/vomiting for fic, and for art, no nausea/vomiting at all, please.
  • (Fic) Reader inserts.
  • Mundane AUs.
  • (Fic) A/B/O.
  • Cis men becoming pregnant.
  • Suicide/suicidal thoughts as the focus of the fic (passing mentions are fine; subplots are fine; the entire fic being about suicide isn't). Art featuring suicide is fine.
  • (Fic) PWP
  • Crossovers/fusions between fandoms I haven't asked for.
  • (Fic) Fics which are all fluff are very difficult for me to stomach—a limit to the cuteness would be good. (Which isn't to say I don't like fluff; I just like fluff in moderation, and with a dose of conflict!)
  • Love at first sight is not my favourite thing. It's mostly to do with the fluff limit, so if you add complications, then I'm more than fine with it!
  • (Fic) AUs with modern settings are no-no’s unless there’s a reasonable canon explanation (eg-: Tolkien, people cursed to be reborn again and again into mortal forms) and that only in Tolkien. Even then, please no high school or coffee shop AUs.
  • Please no age regression, or AUs in which one character is suddenly older than a previously older-than-them character (ageswap?).
  • For smut, I'd prefer not to see bloodplay, scat, watersports, and any sort of permanent marking/scarring (scarring and permanent markings outside smut is perfectly fine).
  • Parent/child incest
  • (Fic) H/C fics centering on characters with depression and/or anxiety, and/or characters who self-harm or have eating disorders are not my favourite thing. (All of these things are more than fine in art and non-H/C fic, but not as the main focus of piece, please, and not as things which can be hugged/cuddled better.)
  • (Fic) Same for torture as the main focus of a fic, although I don't mind PTSD with flashbacks to torture.
  • No torture in art.

General Likes:
  • Angst. Drama. Politics. Tragedy.
  • Philosophical ponderings!
  • I love canon divergence AUs, and other ‘what-if’ scenarios.
  • All the hard questions with no answers, characters trapped in unsolvable dilemmas, loss and grief and moving on.
  • On soulmate AUs: I love them when it's messy and complicated (for example, one or both of them in love with someone else, soulmarks somehow blurred or removed on one person, circumstances which prevent them from getting together, one person not remembering their past lives but the other remembers), but for this trope, 'I knew the moment I saw you' is also lovely, as long as there's some angst. Also, I love timers, first/last words, names of both enemy and soulmate, and soulmarks. Red strings etc. are also fine, but please no variations of seeing color. Other soulmate things I love include in every version of every reality, in another life, fated to be separated again and again.
  • In-world mythology
  • I have A Thing for sister/sister, and focusing on the sister aspects of the relationship—how they're alike and how they're different, and just how they're sisters.
  • Cultural differences and clashes that occur due to cultural differences.
  • I adore OFCs and textual ghosts, for many, many reasons. Also femslash. Did I mention femslash?
  • I'm more than fine with most side relationships, unless stated otherwise.
  • Genderbending! I always love Rule 63'd characters.
  • Stories featuring bi, pan, aro, and/or ace characters are lovely! (Aro but not ace characters I don't see at all, so extra love for that.)
  • Open relationships! Threesomes! Moresomes! (Non-explicit) orgies!
  • Transgender characters would be amazing, as would non-binary characters and just genderfuckery in general.

In fic:
  • I have zero problems with fics dealing with misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism etc. I like realism, but not overly-depressing fics or fics centered on issues at the expense of characterization. (I define 'overly-depressing' as continuous angst focusing on Issues and Only Issues.)
  • I like relationships that are fated to end in tragedy, but I also like a pinch of humor with my angst.
  • All the things that could've happened, but didn;t/
  • Characters who and relationships which fall just short of the mark, the almost-most-not-quite. I think the closest word to this would be hamartia in its original sense?
  • Again, canon divergence AUs, and For Want Of A Nail and what-if scenarios. I'd love both longer fic and snapshots of what could have been.
  • Fucked-up relationships which really, really aren't good for the characters, but they love each other very much anyway. I don't mind either characters finding ways to move past the fucked-upness and the relationships end up flourishing, or moving past fucked-up-ness and leaving what they don't want behind, but I also don't mind a constant cycle of messing up.
  • Found families!
  • For longer works, plotty fics are always welcome!
  • Characters finding ways to come to terms with themselves, with their pasts, and with their loved ones and/or finding their place in the world (think Circle of Life).
  • Characters who're broken, characters who're tired, characters who're lost, characters who refuse to be found, characters who're hurt over and over again, characters who never ever win, characters who've given up. And characters who love, characters who give, characters who're selfless and kind even after everything they've been through, characters who give their all and then some more to people they love, characters who never give up, characters who keep on hoping and keep on fighting even beyond the bitter end. And characters who're a mixture of both types.
  • I like all kinds of fic, so go wild—linear narrative, flashbacks, epistolary…whatever you think of is lovely, the more daring the better.
  • I love characters with flaws and unpleasant qualities! Awesome ladies can be awesome and flawed :).
  • Characters teasing and bantering with each other.
  • Iddy whump fic! (In general, bittersweet fics with lots of hurt (and not necessary comfort) and doom and gloom and/or politics and drama and plot hit my id very hard)
  • If you have smut in your fic, I prefer sensuality to insert-tab-A-into-slot-B and graphic anatomical descriptions. For smutty things, anything from playful to slightly creepy is more than fine (although there are a few things I'd prefer not to see, as outlined in the kink DNWs).
  • I don’t mind any type of POV (including second person!). In fact, POV switches and outside POVs on relationships would be lovely.
  • Time travel and time loops, especially timefuckery where everything is fucked up!
  • Competence porn!
  • I also adore people being messes and general failboats, because, uh, contradictions?

In art:
  • I adore all kinds of jewellery—the more elaborate the better!
  • And elaborate hairdos! And elaborate costumes!
  • I do, however, also enjoy seeing characters in their workaday attire, doing everyday things.
  • Characters with visible height differences from each other!
  • Elaborate weapons
  • Court settings with pomp and circumstance or everyday life are both things I enjoy seeing.
  • Studies in opposites
  • Limited palettes
  • Characters of color! (Racebending is awesome, too.)
  • Non-traditional art mediums would be welcome.

Art prompts:
  • Characters doing things they love together
  • Ceremonies and events (coronations, balls, feasts, weddings etc.)
  • Characters arguing or debating with each other.
  • Characters passionate with and about each other and about things they love
  • Characters fighting and having each other's backs!
  • Characters fighting and having each other's backs, and, for A:TLA, bending!
  • Characters facing each other across the battlefield (especially lovers-turned-enemies)
  • Gift-giving, both literal and metaphorical
  • Characters who look messy and/or rumpled and tired and way too fucking busy why is this my life
  • Charactes in a private moment
  • Casually intimate gestures
  • Kneeling and hand-kissing for pairings where I specify loyalty kink
  • Forehead kissing!
  • Day-to-day activities (eating, bathing, morning rituals etc.)
  • Characters being cheesy or tender or dorky or awkward with each other (or all or some of these!).

Fandom-specific (and more on the fic-specific side; apologies for that) likes for Tolkien:
  • There aren't enough fics based on the Myths Transformed version of Middle-earth, and if that's something you'd like to explore, I'd love that, especially a more scientifically accurate (and sometimes, to my mind, a more tragic-and-dark-but-beautiful) vision of Middle-earth. (Other versions would also be wonderful, of course! This is just a specific thing I don't see much of.)
  • I love the fact that Tolkien's canon is a patchwork of different stories and mythologies, both in the Doylist and Watsonian sense, and fic exploring that would be wonderful.
  • Linked with the points above, I'm interested in lived vs. written stories, and Those Pesky Historians, and how unseen forces affect history.
  • The mortals and Elves/free will and destiny debate and the role of the Valar would be a wonderful thing to read about—I'd love exploration of any of the philosophical questions of Tolkien's world, really, but especially this, as detailed in the Athrabeth and writings about the role of the Valar.
  • I love the way magic and power operate in Tolkien's world—the work he's done to make it believable is wonderful. Writing a green sun, indeed! Anything you can write about this would be welcome and much-adored.
  • I especially love the Ñoldor and Númenor, although every Age of Middle-earth holds my heart.
  • For interspecies relationships, I'd love to see an emphasis on otherness and trying to understand each other.
And Star Wars:
  • I'm more than fine with the EU (there's a reason I'm asking for Legends!), both the new EU and the old. I confess I'm not very familiar with it, but I love obscure EU details and characters nevertheless—if there's anything I don't know, I'll look it up on Wookiepedia. So go wild! (I know I've propounded upon my dislike of Rebels, but don't take it to heart—I dislike the show itself, but I'll love your interpretation as long as my requested character plays the main role, and Kanan and Ezra stay out of sight, and preferably far, far away.)
  • I'm interested in the way the Jedi fail. If the attachment thing is what you love, then go with it, but I'd also love to see a different take. Being brought up in a Theravada Buddhist household (although I'm currently agnostic), I've always wondered why the Jedi—a religious order which you could leave if you wanted to—are considered wrong for the non-attachment thing (and I admit that the demonization of my culture isn't my favourite thing!). I'd love a take on the Jedi where the Jedi's failings are that it's not made more explicit that leaving is OK, that they get too bogged down in politics instead of doing what's right, and that they encourage attachment in the form of the (very close) Master/Padawan relationship (and whatever else faults, I'm sure there are many!). A respectful take on so-called 'Eastern' religions would be much appreciated!
  • Regarding Anakin—I understand his position, and where he's coming from, but 'it's all Obi-Wan's/Yoda's/Padmé's/Qui-Gon's fault' is not my thing, and I have zero sympathy for the fact that he killed little children. Reluctantly, maybe, (and not-so-reluctantly with the Tuskens) but he killed little children, and I don't really like that. At all. What I would enjoy is an AU where Anakin left the Jedi because he realized that he wanted attachments.
  • Or just ignoring the attachments things in favour of all the ships is fine as well!

Avatar: The Last Airbender


Sisters-in-arms (except with a lot more romance ;))! Katara and Suki fighting together, living together, loving together. Kick-ass women kicking ass, action, adventure! And all the bittersweet fluffiness is also lovely. (Post-canon getting together would be wonderful—it can always be after Aang's death, just before LoK, if you don't want to break Katara and Aang up, or maybe after Tenzin's born?)


We know Katara has a special connection to the moon (and I resisted making a joke out of it! So proud of myself), and it's not difficult to extrapolate from there! Yue visiting Katara in her dreams, maybe and dreamsex? Or Katara visiting the Spirit Oasis post-canon, and communing with the moon? Either way, I'd love something about the moon and about waterbending, please!


Spirit World shenanigans! I'm sure that Raava communicates (*cough cough*) not only with Avatars present, but with Avatars past too! I'd love to see something about the role of the Avatar, and what Kyoshi's and Yangchen's views of that are, and what Raava's views are. Culture clashes, basically, and misunderstandings based on the fact that one of them is an extremely powerful spirit who used to live in their bodies, and the other two are humans, albeit dead humans from two completely different cultures.

Suki/Ty Lee

For these two (or these three—Sokka/Suki/Ty Lee is more than fine!) I'd love 'Ty Lee joins the Kyoshi Warriors'. Past Azula/Ty Lee would be an added bonus, of course, and I'd love a gentle fic about grief and loss. Hurt/comfort would be lovely, as would a bittersweet tone, and mutual support and bonding.
For art, them being dorky together and/or fighting together. If you're doing Sokka/Suki/Ty Lee, my wild-and-throwing-it-out-there prompt is all three of them in the Kyoshi Warriors uniform?

Ursa/Female Dragon

Okay, fine. Most of my A:TLA 'ships for this exchange are crackships can you not hear me crying 'porn with plot' here. But hear me out! Ran and Sho (Shaw? The Wiki says 'Shaw', but it looks weird) may not be the only dragons alive—maybe one or two dragons survived on some far distant island? And maybe Ursa, once she's exiled, visits those far distant islands? (Comicsverse ignoring is great! Or you can make it comic-compliant, maybe something with the Blue Dragon? I'm not bothered either way.)
For art, I'd love to see the dragon curled around Ursa.


A woman taking Ikem's place, maybe, if you want to go with the comics 'verse? Or, if you're fine ignoring that, I'd love to see Ursa retaining her memories and still falling in love (only with another woman), and being torn about her decision, because she left her children with Ozai, and that's a terrible, terrible thing, so how can she be happy about that fact that she's met the love of her life?

Crossover Pairings

Pomona Sprout/Yavanna

Two people (well, a witch and an Ainu) who love the earth! We know that Yavanna tended to the 'small and secret things', and was one of the few Valar to go to Middle-earth—and maybe she still does, in spite of the Hiding of Valinor? Perhaps Pomona wandered the world when she was younger, and met a mysterious woman, or maybe her lover visits Professor Sprout at night, in the Forbidden Forest.
For art, I'd love something to do with plants and greenery and earth; maybe Yavanna making something grow for Pomona?

Roxy Morton/Nymphadora Tonks

I'm sure the Ministry of Magic must know of Kingsman, and maybe they need a liaison? Or is Roxy a witch from an old family who decides to do something different? I can imagine all kinds of wacky scenarios that lead to these two meeting, so go wild! What I'd love to see is their two different fighting styles, and the two of them ending up fighting bad guys together and saving the world.

Susan Pevensie/Arien

For this, I'd love to see Susan somehow stumbling into Aman, or, in the fashion of Roverandom, into the Sun itself—perhaps there's another ring and rings, in both Tolkien's world and Lewis', are things of great power, or perhaps she's one of the lucky few who can sail the Straight Road. Or perhaps Arien can take on a mortal fána, and happens to meet a woman who's older than her years on Earth?
For art, I'd love fire and flames, and something to do with the Sun.

Susan Pevensie/Goldberry

'Stumbling upon strange women' seems to be a theme for my crossover pairings and for my Goldberry pairings too! Susan meeting Goldberry, and being confused because there's aren't any dryads in this world! I'd love to see what kind of scenario they'd meet in—Goldberry wouldn't wander far from the forest, I think, so perhaps Susan going to some sort of trip? And Susan discovering the magic of Middle-Earth would be lovely!

Susan Pevensie/Minerva McGonagall
It's not-inconceivable that these two would meet—they're around the same age, after all, and Susan, I imagine, travels enough, and maybe Muggle-Repelling Charms don't work properly on her? And Professor McGonagall could easily have a partner at home. I'd love to see these two women with each other. (I also love the idea of Susan being an ardent feminist as she grows older!)


Goldberry is the River-woman's daughter, so it's not inconceivable that she'd be somehow related to Uinen, if incest's your thing. If it's not, they still have quite a lot in common! I'd like to see them meeting—what do they make of each other? What sort of trysts do they have? They both seem to be wild, free spirits, so maybe something supernatural?

Harry Potter

Alice Longbottom/Lily Evans Potter

I can imagine this going two ways—either them being girlfriends when they were in Hogwarts, or a canon divergence AU where Lily ends up with Alice instead of James (or perhaps James dies but Lily doesn't?). Something slice-of-life-y, perhaps? For the AU situation, I'd love to see what would change, and what wouldn't.

Amelia Bones/Minerva McGonagall

I'd love to see more of Professor McGonagall's personal life, and, from what we've heard about Amelia Bones, they seem like they'd fit together very well. Women who are very busy with their professional lives and have trouble making time for personal things is a narrative kink for me, so whatever you do with that would be lovely, as would all the angst (and oh the angst, especially post-OotP—Minerva grieving her, perhaps?) and origin stories. And perhaps the two of them working together in the First War?

Bellatrix Black Lestrange/Narcissa Black Malfoy/Andromeda Black Tonks

Sistercest! I'd love something dark and fucked-up (but not non-con) for this pairing, and it's not a 'ship that's likely to end well. Either when they're younger (and betrayal and angst on both sides, after Andromeda leaves?) or DH-era, and the fucked-up-ness that would entail. (In fic, any two of this constellation as endgame is fine, as long as OT3 is the predominant pairing.) I'd love to see the similarities and differences between them, especially with regard to Andromeda.

Fleur Delacour/Nymphadora Tonks

I confess, I adore this ship mostly for its visual potential, and yes, this is a more art-heavy prompt than fic-heavy. For once! I love Tonks' Metamorphmagus abilities, and something playing with that would be wonderful. I just want to see them laughing together! And something playing up their differences, perhaps? (And maybe Tonks pining not for Remus, but for Fleur in HBP?)

Marlene McKinnon/Dorcas Meadowes

I'd love to see them in school, or during the First War. War stories always have my love, and I'd love something about the Lost Generation and how they've all lost their childhoods and youth. Something about fighting together in the Order, perhaps, and also angst about war and loss and betrayal? And this is one of those stories that won't get a happily-ever-after; a focus on that, please.

Star Wars

Jyn Erso/Leia Organa

Maybe Jyn is supposed to meet a Rebel Alliance contact on Alderaan or Coruscant, and it turns out be Princess Leia herself? I'd love to see them snarking at each other—their personalities seem to be built to clash—and carrying out a mission together, and perhaps slowly falling for each other? Rogue One speculation is more than welcome!

Mon Mothma/Leia Organa

I'd love Leia/Mon Mothma fic in any form. Specific prompts include mentorship, politican-ly peers and in a casual relationship (before Leia gets together with Han, though), or Leia going to Mon Mothma for help with the Resistance after Ben Falls, and finding comfort in an old friend maybe wasn't part of the plan and certainly not officially sanctioned, but...
For art, maybe Mon Mothma mentoring Leia, or the two of them just talking. Or something pre-TFA but only by a few years, a quiet love scene, General Organa and the former leader of the Rebellion and of the New Republic.

Padmé Amidala/Mon Mothma

Politican-ly peers and in a casual relationship would be lovely, and I'd love to see more of Senate politics. Or a Padmé lives AU, the two of them founding the Rebellion together?
For art, Mon Mothma and Padmé looking out at Coruscant together?

Padmé Amidala/Sabé

Queen and handmaiden on Naboo or later political intrigue would be lovely, with all the loyalty kink! I'm also very interested in Padmé lives AUs. And this doesn't even have to be very AU! Everything can go as planned in the OT! And Leia's remembering her mother in RotJ makes a little more sense! Basically, I'd love Padmé leading (or organizing or...) the Rebellion with her handmaiden by her side.

Padmé Amidala/Siri Tachi

An AU where Padmé falls in love with Siri instead of Anakin, please (with Siri living, of course)? What would change, and what wouldn't? How would Padmé falling in love with Siri come about? Would Siri leave the Jedi for Padmé?
For art, I'd love them laughing together, or slow-dancing.

Shmi Skywalker/OFC

F!preg, with Anakin having no father but two mothers? (Or the OFC being a physical manifestation of the Force?) Or maybe Shmi and a fellow slave finding comfort in each other. Something bittersweet, please, and perhaps something about Tatooine slave culture.

The Lord of the Rings


Oooh, I love this for its awkward connotations. A gentle fic, if portraying their relationship, but I'd also love a look at the awkwardness that would result—“Aragorn, I've already met your Mother. In fact, I've gone down on her too many times to count”. A relationship not based on love, but mutual loss and comfort, staving away loneliness, would be an added bonus. I'd also love bonding, and discussions/portrayals of mortality and immortality. What does Arwen's mother-in-law think about her? Surely they must have spent time together in Rivendell, possibly in the years before Arwen was betrothed, but after Aragorn had gone away. Did Aragorn's youthful crush result in mutual embarrassment? Or did they laugh over it? And I'd love advice, given and received, and also Elven vs. human perceptions of passing time. Arwen/Gilraen in the window of time between Aragorn going away and their betrothal would be lovely.

Daughter of Arwen/Daughter of Arwen

Incest kink! Smutty fic is more than welcome for this pairing. I'd love to see the shenanigans the daughters of Arwen get up to—what sort of adventures do they have together? How do they navigate court politics and their relationship with each other at the same time? Does anyone know about them? Do people suspect but not-quite-know?
For art, especially I'd love it if you focused on the similarities and differences in their appearances.

Finduilas of Dol Amroth/Uinen

Maybe Finduilas used to go down to the sea and maybe go down on the sea too when she lived in Dol Amroth? Maybe she pines after her former lover when she's in Gondor? Or maybe, after she dies, the sea claims her? Feel free to go wildly AU with this! I'd love to see something bittersweet.
For art, I'd love to see waves, and the sea, and a blue palette. (Wild idea you should feel free to ignore: the sea literally rising up to embrace Finduilas?)


Galadriel and Goldberry are two beings so different from each other and each very powerful in their own way—what would happen if they met? I'd love to see them speaking in riddles and confusing us mere mortals, but understanding each other perfectly well! Something slightly eerie, please, something about magic and the roots of Middle-earth. Sex magic, of whatever sort you like, would be an added bonus!

Helm's daughter/OFC

Helm's daughter is a barely-there figure, and I'd love to learn more about her? What sort of role did she play when the Dunlendings invaded (both the first and the second time)? Was she a shieldmaiden? Did she organize the retreat of the non-combatants? Maybe a sisters-in-arms love affair with a fellow shieldmaiden, or the two of them waiting out the battles, or one of them fighting to protect the other. Or, for maximum angst potential, she falls in love with a Dunlending woman?


Foresight and its mixed blessings!I imagine that Malbeth would have led a dark, if not completely unhappy life, being blessed/cursed as she was with foresight so deep into the future and the knowledge of the downfall of the Dúnedain and the rise of Sauron (and his eventual defeat, but that wouldn't have been much of a comfort against the horror). And maybe, court politics and the role of seers in Dúnedain society? Whoever her lover was, unless she was a fellow Seer which would be wonderful, for 'when shall we three meet again' shenanigans, there must have been some sort of conflict or tension between them because of Malbeth's (probably eerie) visions. Or was Malbeth not-quite-believed by anyone except her lover?

The Silmarillion


AU where Galadriel takes Aegnor's place, maybe? Or Galadriel visiting Andreth, with or without Finrod. I just want philosophical and political discussions, duty vs. love dilemmas, and maybe an unhappy ending (because I'm evil like that).
For art, maybe that scene near Tarn Aeluin, with a star caught in Andreth's hair (only with Galadriel instead of Andreth)?


The OFC as the wind or one of the birds, maybe, a female Maia of Manwë? I'd love something to do with the sea and birds and waves, and flight and freedom.


Something mystical and magical and dangerous for these two, maybe? I'm interested in how this'd work—was it a passionate romance during the Years of the Trees, or did it happen after Galadriel came back at the end of the Third Age?
I'd love art about stars and skies, please!


Indis and Nerdanel in the house of Indis after Fëanor's Exile, or later, after the Darkening and the Doom, helping each other to cope, please? I just want all the angst and Doom.
I'd love to see Indis and Nerdanel, something passionate and intense—kissing, maybe, or even just talking to each other. Or I'd love to see Indis as the Queen of the Ñoldor (whether as Finwë's wife or in her own right in an AU)—loyalty kink, anyone?


This ship interests me for the light vs. dark dichotomy. An origin story, perhaps, on the fall of Thuringwethil? Or maybe what happened to Thuringwethil after the War of Wrath? I'd love to see the contrast between the two of them, and maybe something to do with the Ainur and their role in the Music?


I'd adore a bittersweet romance with Lindissë—Silmarien marries Elatan eventually, and I'd like that to be a mutually beneficial if not completely agreeable marriage, so Silmarien and Lindissë find their way through that? Awkward threesomes, if Elatan is open-minded? An open relationship based on the same premise? Or are Lindissë and Silmariën parted? (And maybe, for any of these—or any other idea you have—Silmarien starts a long campaign to allow same-sex marriage which culminates in Tar-Telperien's marriage to her wife many generations later?)