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the_wavesinger ([personal profile] the_wavesinger) wrote2016-07-16 06:37 pm

Bingo Card Fills

Here be my constantly-being-updated list of fills for Tolkien Femslash Week's Femslash Bingo.

Bingo Squares
The Princess and the Forest (AO3)
Lothíriel/Yavanna, Adult
Crack Pairings, O43 (Lothíriel/Yavanna)

Sister (AO3
Daughter of Arwen/Daughter of Arwen, Mature (with sibling incest and incest kink)
Textual Ghosts, N22 (daughters of Arwen); Formats and Genres, I12 (true drabble)

Lessons in Clay
Indis/Nerdanel, Teens
Emotions, O37 (defeat)

Contrapunto (SWG//AO3)
Ilmarë/Thuringwethil, Teens

Emotions, N22 (kindness); Lyrics and poetry, O37 ("Bring wings to the weak and bring grace to the strong/May all evil stumble as it flies in the world" – Janelle Monae); Book Titles, N22 ("Fall On Your Knees")


Tolkien Quotes, N22 (“…and Indis hath my love.”); Formats, O37 (edit )

Non-Bingo-Square Fulfilling

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